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  Abdul Hamid,
  Angell, Norman,
  Antonines, Age of the,
  Apuleius, Golden Ass of,
  Arbuthnot, Dr.,
  Aristotle, definition of happiness,
  Arnold, Matthew, quoted,
  Augustine, Saint,
  Austria, Archduke Johann Salvator of,


  Barnett, Canon, quoted,
  Birdwood, Sir George, quoted,
  Boer War,
  Boerne, Ludwig, quoted,
  Booth, Charles,
  Brailsford, H.N., quoted,
  Brown, John,
  Browne, Sir Thomas, quoted,
  Browning, Robert,
  Buddhist Nuns,
  Burke, Edmund,
  Burns, John,
  Byron, as catfish,
    as rebel,
    in Greece,
    on the poor,


  Cade, Jack,
  Campbell-Bannerman, Sir Henry,
  Canterbury, Archbishop of,
  Carlyle, Thomas, on allurements,
    burning book,
    on Mammon,
    on Peterloo,
    on landowners,
    on heroes,
    on war,
    on Christ,
    on invalids,
  Clarkson, Mr., of the Education Office,
  Clough, Arthur,
  Conway, Moncure,
  Cooper, Thomas,
  Cowper, William,
  Curzon, Lord,


  Davids, Mrs. Rhys,
  Davitt, Michael,


  Eliot, George, quoted,
  Elliot, Ebenezer,
  Emerson, quoted,
  Emmet, Robert,


  Farrar, Dean,
  Ferrer, of Barcelona,
  France, Anatole,
  Frazer, The Golden Bough, quoted,
  Free, Richard,


  Gaunt, Elizabeth, burnt,
  George, Henry,
  Germany, her conquest of England imagined,
  Gibbon, quoted,
  Ginnell, Lawrence, M.P.,
    foreign policy,
    Faust, quoted,


  Hague, The, Conferences,
  Hampden, John,
  Harmodius and Aristogeiton,
  Hebrews, Epistle to, quoted,
  Heine, Heinrich,
  Henley, W.E., quoted,
  Hobson, J.A.,
  Hugo, Victor,
  Huxley, Thomas H.,


  Ibsen, quoted,
    treatment of rebels,
    our government of,


  Jacques, M., of the West Coast,
  James, Prof.  William,
  Jameson, Sir L. Starr,
  Joan of Arc,
  Johnson, Dr., on Hell,
  Jones, Ebenezer,
  Jones, Ernest,


  Kant, quoted,
  Kingsley, Charles, quoted,
  Kipling, Rudyard, quoted or referred to,


  Landor, quoted,
  Leopardi, quoted,
  Linton, William James,
  Lowell, J.R., quoted,
  Lynch, Dr., M.P.,

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