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  [Illustration:  The goose.]

H h

  The humming bird.

  H is a Humming Bird,
    Sporting mid flowers
  And brightly enjoying
    The sunny hours.

  [Illustration:  The humming bird.]

I i

  The Ibis.

  I is an Ibis,
    Who wanders in bogs,
  And lives upon lizards,
    And fishes and frogs.

  [Illustration:  The Ibis.]

J j

  The Jay.

  J is a Jay,
    With his blue and white coat,
  With a crest on his head,
    And a ring round his throat.

  [Illustration:  The Jay.]

K k

  The King bird.

  K is a King Bird,
    Pugnacious and bold: 
  A hero in fight,
    And a terrible scold.

  [Illustration:  The King bird.]

L l

  The Lark.

  L is a Lark,
    A sociable bird;
  His song in the meadow
    Is frequently heard.

  [Illustration:  The Lark.]

M m

  The magpie.

  M is a Magpie,
    He lives at the west,
  Steals and scolds and eats carrion;
    He’s none of the best.

  [Illustration:  The magpie.]

N n

  The night Heron.

  N is a Night Heron,
    Of fishes quite fond;
  He looks for them now,
    As he stands by the pond.

  [Illustration:  The night Heron.]

O o

  The Owl.

  O is an Owl,
    Who hides through the day;
  And comes out at night,
    To seek for his prey.

  [Illustration:  The Owl.]

P p

  The Pigeon.

  P is a Pigeon
    So rapid in flight,
  That before you can shoot him
    He’s gone out of sight.

  [Illustration:  The Pigeon]

Q q

  The Quail.

  Q is a Quail,
    Who hides in a tree,
  And whistles “Bob-White”
    With lively glee.

  [Illustration:  The Quail.]

R r

  The Robin.

  R is the Robin,
    So kind and so good,
  Who covered with leaves,
    The poor Babes in the Wood.

  [Illustration:  The Robin.]

S s

  The Swallow.

  S is the Swallow,
    She darts through the air
  To catch little insects,
    Her favorite fare.

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