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Title:  The Illustrated Alphabet of Birds

Author:  Unknown

Release Date:  February 13, 2004 [eBook #11073]

Language:  English

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[Illustration:  bird on cover.]


[Illustration:  frontispiece drawing.]

[Illustration:  title page drawing.]

A a

  The auk.

  A is an Auk,
    Of the Artic sea,
  He lives on the ice,
    Where the winds blow free.

  [Illustration:  The auk.]

B b

  The blue bird.

  B is a Blue Bird. 
    In early spring,
  How sweet his songs
    Through the forest ring.

  [Illustration:  The blue bird.]

C c

  The Condor.

  C is a Condor,
    On the Andes’ height,
  He plumes his wings
    For a lofty flight.

  [Illustration:  The Condor.]

D d

  The Duck.

  D is a Duck
    Of the canvas back sort;
  To shoot at a flock
    Is considered fine sport.

  [Illustration:  The Duck.]

E e

  The Bald Eagle.

  E’s a Bald Eagle,
    So bold and so free;
  On the flag of our country
    He spans land and sea.

  [Illustration:  The Eagle.]

F f

  The Fish Hawk.

  F is a Fish Hawk,
    Who lives on the shore: 
  He catches his prey
    Mid the ocean’s roar.

  [Illustration:  The Fish Hawk.]

G g

  The goose.

  G is a Goose;
    His feathers we take
  And put them in sacking
    Our beds to make.

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