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NUTROGEN.—­A valuable Nut and Milk Food—­self-digestive.  In tins, 3d. and 1/- each.


NUTARIAN MARGARINE (formerly known as Nut Butters), made in five varieties.

Mainstay Biscuits, Malt Oat Cakes, Malted Barley Cakes, Fruit Caramels, Nutchoo, Nutarian Chocolates and many other lines.

Send for Price List and name of nearest Agent to Sole Manufacturers:

R. WINTER, Limited, Pure Food Factory, BIRMINGHAM

Nutton a la Ideal Home.

INGREDIENTS—­1 lb.  Nutton (No. 1 or No. 8), 1 tablespoonful flour, 1 small onion, Nutarian lard, seasoning, 1 teaspoonful Wintox.

MODE—­Chop onion and fry in small saucepan; make into thick gravy with flour and Wintox; add to the Nutton, previously chopped; form into small cutlets.  Brush with beaten egg, dip in bread-crumb, and cook in a pan of boiling Nutarian lard.

* * * * *


  Almond Milk
  Brown Sonbise
  Butter Peas
  Clear Soup a la Royale
  “Digestive” Pea
  Green Pea
  German Lentil
  Mock Cock-a-Leekie
  Mock Hare
  Pea ("Reform”)
  Spring Vegetable
  Scotch Broth
  White Soup
  White Windsor
  White Sonbise

  Artichoke Fritters
  Asparagus Cream
  Asparagus Quenelle
  Cauliflower Fritters
  Celery Fritters
  Celery Egg Cutlets
  Celery Souffle
  Celery Cream
  Dresden Patties
  Esau’s Pottage
  Fifeshire Bridies
  German Lentil Soup
  German Pie
  Golden Marbles
  Haricot Pie
  Haricot Ragout
  Haricot Kromeskies
  Haricot Croquettes
  Irish Stew
  Leeks (Stewed)
  Mock Sole
  Macaroni Omelet
  Macaroni Cutlets
  Macaroni Mould
  Macaroni Timbale
  Mushroom and Tomato Pie
  Mushroom Patties
  Poor Man’s Pie
  Rice and Lentil Mould
  Roman Pie
  Rice (Casserole)
  Rolled Oats
  Savoury Brick
  Sausages, Sausage Rolls
  Scotch Haggis
  Scotch Stew
  Tomato and Rice Pie
  Vegetable Goose
  Vegetable Roast Duck

  Brazil Omelet
  Brazil Souffle
  Brazil Quenelles
  Curried Nut-Meat
  Mock Chicken Cutlets
  Walnut Pie


  Bread Fritters
  Bread Cutlets
  Cheese Fritters
  Craigie Toast
  Grain Granules
  Mushroom Cutlets
  Pancakes (Savoury)
  Shredded Wheat Biscuits
  Tomatoes (Stuffed)

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