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Those who find ordinary coffee too stimulating, or otherwise unsuitable, may be glad to know of some of the good cereal coffees now to be had.  They strongly resemble coffee in appearance and flavour, are very refreshing and appetising, but are free from caffeine, and quite innocuous.  They are prepared by a certain roasting and grinding process from various grains, so that their source is both simple and wholesome.  Caramel Cereal, prepared by the International Health Association, is one of the best, as I believe it is one of the oldest, on the market.  Sip It (London Nut Food Co.) is also excellent; while yet another is Lapee, prepared by Mapleton, Manchester.  These, while similar in nature and composition, differ somewhat in flavour, so that various tastes can be suited.  They can be prepared as ordinary coffee, but are, I think, better to have a few minutes’ boiling.  Full directions are, however, given with each.  Mapleton has recently added Banana Coffee and Nut Coffee—­both very good.

Fruit Syrups, Wine Essences, &c.,

belong to a different order of beverages.  Those of Messrs Pattinson are of undoubted excellence.  Their Botanic Beer, Ginger Beer Essence, Fruit Syrups—­Raspberry, Black Currant, &c.—­are all specially good.  They are, besides, most useful in the store cupboard.  Diluted at discretion, they may be used in the composition of trifles, mince-meat, puddings, &c., in place of the Sherry or other wines which are now nearly as out of date as they deserve to be, and will certainly find no place in the menage of the “Reform” housekeeper.

Another valuable accession to “Reform” Beverages has come in the shape of

Vegetarian Extracts.

These closely resemble meat extracts in appearance and taste, but are much finer and more delicate in flavour.  Their source—­from nuts or grains—­also ensures such purity and wholesomeness, both for the article itself and for everything and everybody concerned in its manufacture, as is impossible with animal products.

“Marmite” and Carnos have been so often quoted in recipes as to need no further mention.  “Vigar” Extract (Pitman Co.) and Nut Extract (Mapleton) are others among the noteworthy substitutes for Meat Extracts.


There are several excellent Health Foods yet to be mentioned, but which do not come easily within any table of classification.  Among the many elixirs for health-made-easy, which medical and scientific research have lent their aid to obtain, is that of a pure albumen in easily assimilable form.


has a world-wide reputation, and is extensively used both in medical treatment and in the domestic menage wherever it is desirable to administer nourishment without taxing the digestive organs.  It is especially valuable in cases of gastric catarrh or ulceration.  Recipes for Plasmon Jelly, &c., will be found pp. 98, 110, &c.

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