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manufactured by Messrs Chapman, Liverpool, is another fat of undoubted excellence.  It can be used in all departments of cookery in place of lard, dripping, suet, or butter.  This firm also produces Cashew, Walnut, Almond, and Nut Table Butter of great delicacy and fine flavour.

Especially worthy of mention are the various Nut Butters manufactured by

R. Winter, Birmingham.

They are put up in several varieties—­Nutarian Almond Margarine, Nutarian Walnut Margarine, Nutarian Cashew Margarine, Nutarian Table Margarine, Nutarian Cocoanut Margarine, and Nutarian Lard for cooking.  There are no finer butters on the market, and as this firm sends a 5s. parcel of their goods carriage paid one can easily sample them.  These Nutarian Butters are put up in 1/2 lb. and 1 lb. carton tins—­an exceedingly handy form.  Cashew Nut Butter, 6-1/2d. per 1/2 lb., 1s. per 1 lb., is a first favourite.

Quite a different class of Butters, but equally valuable in extending the resources of food reformers, are those put up by the International Health Association.

Almond Butter

is very suitable for invalids and those of weak digestion.  It is light, delicate, and nourishing, and can be diluted to use as a butter, cream or milk.  The

Nut Butter

is made from cooked nuts only, and may be added to soups and savouries of every description with advantage both to nutrition and flavour.  It contains all the valuable properties of the nut—­proteid as well as fat.

Mapleton’s Brown Almond Butter is also very useful in enriching soups, gravies, &c.

* * * * *

For Goods of Guaranteed Purity send to

Richard & Co.’s Health Food Stores,

73 North Hanover St., EDINBURGH.

* * * * *


Perhaps the greatest development of all in the way of extending the vegetarian bill of fare has been in the manufacture of nut meats.  Every year sees a number of new and improved preparations put upon the market, so that there is now a very large variety to choose from.  All these meats can be made use of in many ways-sliced and fried, in stews, curries, &c.

The London.  Nut Food Company’s are well known and of undoubted excellence.  There are several kinds—­Meatose, Vejola, Nut-vego, &c.—­all quite distinctive in flavour and suited to different tastes.  Certain of these contain pea nuts, the flavour of which is objectionable to some, while others give such the preference.  The

F.R.  Nut Meat,

however, is free from pea nuts, and is a general favourite.  It is now made up with pine-kernels, and when I served it up lately, one of those partaking of it with great relish would scarcely credit its being other than a galantine of veal. [Recipes—­page 40.]

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