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are a somewhat similar preparation, and can be used in the same way.

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RICHARDS & CO., 73 N. Hanover St., EDINBURGH.

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It will soon be impossible to even enumerate the many excellent varieties of Nut Butters and vegetarian fats upon the market.  One of the first really good fats available, and one which has stood the test of time and competition, is

Cocoa Nut Butter,

put up by the London Nut Food Co., one of the earliest and most enterprising firms to whom we are indebted for doing so much to make easy the path of food reform.  This is a hard white fat, very pure and sweet, suitable for use in place of cooking butter, lard, or dripping.  It is especially good for frying all kinds of cutlets, fritters, &c., and being of a firm consistency, can be flaked in a nut mill or grater to be used in place of suet.  In baking also it will be found very convenient to flake in this way, as it only requires to be stirred through the flour, instead of the more tedious process of “rubbing in.”  To

Mapleton, Manchester,

belongs, I think, the credit of producing the first really dainty and palatable

Table Nut Butters,

and his enterprise, we are glad to see, is justified by his success, he having recently acquired land, works, plant, &c., in the country, where the manufacture of the various nut foods can be carried on under ideal conditions.  This must appeal to all food reformers, who realise that clean, dainty food cannot be produced amid dirty, insanitary surroundings.

Mapleton’s Table Nut Margarine

(as these goods which resemble butter, and yet are not dairy butter, must now be called) is of remarkable purity and excellence, a north country dairy farmer declaring that he would not have known it from good fresh butter!  Readers will sympathise with the manufacturers of pure foods who are, in obedience to an arbitrary Act of Parliament, obliged to label their goods “Margarine.”  It is a comfort, however, to know that the name is all these goods have in common with the often objectionable fats which come under this comprehensive title.

The Nut Cream Butters

are for table use also.  They have the distinct flavour of the nuts from which prepared—­walnut, almond, hazel, cocoanut, &c.  The latter is, I believe, an exclusive specialty, and is useful in practically every variety of cakes, scones, puddings, and sweets.  It supplies the place both of butter and flavourings.  Recipes for Cocoanut Sauce, Cocoanut Icing, Cocoanut Custard, &c., will be found in the book, but it can be used in any other recipes at discretion.

Cooking Nutter, a soft, white fat, and Nutter Suet, a hard make suitable for baking, are among the other notable products of this firm.

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