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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 141 pages of information about Reform Cookery Book (4th edition).

“Hovis” Fruit Pudding.

3 ozs.  “Hovis” flour, 3 ozs. semolina, 2 ozs. sugar, 4 ozs. currants or stoned valencias or sultanas, or equal quantities of all three, 3 ozs. chopped nut suet or pine kernels, 2 ozs. treacle, 2 ozs. coarse marmalade (see p. 83), 1 egg, 1/2 teaspoonful carb. soda, and a little spice.  Sour milk to mix.  Mix all the dry things; beat egg and add, also treacle, marmalade, and enough sour milk to make fairly moist.  Steam for 2-1/2 to 3 hours in basin, well greased and dusted with sugar.

Farola Pudding.

3 ozs.  Farola, 4 gills milk or nut cream milk, 2 eggs, sugar, flavouring.  Smooth Farola to a cream with a little of the milk.  Put remainder on to boil and pour over Farola in basin, stirring the while.  Return all to saucepan, and cook gently for a few minutes.  Beat up eggs with sugar, remove Farola from fire, and add, also flavouring.  Pour into buttered pudding-dish, and bake gently for half-an-hour, or steam in buttered mould for 1 hour.

To make Farola Blanc-Mange use only 3 gills milk, and omit the eggs.

Semolina Syrup Pudding.

3 ozs.  Marshall’s Semolina, 3 ozs. golden syrup, 1 pint milk.  For a simple, inexpensive pudding, the following is excellent, and it will, I think, be new to many.  Make the Semolina in usual way—­that is, bring milk to boil and sprinkle in the Semolina as if making porridge, cook gently for a few minutes with lid on, then pour into steamer-bowl.  Allow to stand till cold, then put the syrup on top, and put on to steam for about 1-1/2 hours.  The syrup will find its way through, and the pudding should turn out a lovely golden brown with the syrup for a sauce.  No eggs, other sweetening, or flavouring required.  Farola or corn flour may be done same way.

Syrup or Treacle Tart.

Cover a flat ashet with either rough puff paste or short crust, and fill in with a mixture composed of 1/4 lb. golden syrup, 2 ozs. bread crumbs, the juice and grated rind of 1 lemon.  Ornament with criss-cross strips of paste, and bake in hot oven.  For a homely tart make a plain paste with wheat meal, and fill in with treacle and bread crumbs.

Plasmon Custard or Blanc-Mange.

This can be made with addition of Plasmon to any of the custard recipes given, or with the Plasmon and Blanc-Mange Powders.  If the latter, to each powder add 1 pint of milk.  Stir till custard thickens, but do not allow to boil.

Plasmon Sweet Sauce (for Puddings).

1/2 pint Plasmon stock, 1 oz. butter, 1/2 oz. flour, 1-1/2 ozs. sugar, flavouring of lemon rind, nutmeg, cinnamon, or bitter almonds.  Melt butter; remove from fire, and mix in flour till smooth.  Add Plasmon stock gradually, cook for a few minutes very gently, then add flavouring.  Very good with stewed fruit or any steamed pudding.


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