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Strawberry Shortcake.

Make a good short crust (p. 75) with 1/2 lb. flour—­plain, wheaten, or Banana flour, as preferred—­1 oz. almond meal, and 4 ozs.  “Nuttene.”  Roll out 1/2 inch thick, cut sharply round, flute edges, and bake in hot oven till a nice brown and crisp right through.  Split open, inserting a sharp-pointed knife right round and pulling apart.  When cool, cover under-half thickly with strawberries, well crushed and mixed with plenty of sifted sugar.  Put on top half, dust with sugar, serve cold with cream or nut cream.  Another very good shortcake is made as for “Jumbles,” page 79.  Add a little milk or fruit juice to mixture to make less crumbly.  Bake in two sections and put strawberries between.

Scotch Oatcakes.

Scotch oatmeal, 2 ozs. nut butter to lb., pinch salt, hot water.  Pat oatmeal in basin, melt fat in fairly hot water, and mix in quickly to make a stiff dough.  Knead to thickness required.  Bake on hot girdle, and toast in front of fire.

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“Provost Nuts” Pudding.

This is one of the very best puddings I know, and will, I feel sure, be welcomed by all who wish for something at once novel, simple, and wholesome.  It will be found a change both from the usual “steamed” and the familiar “milk” pudding. 4 ozs.  “Provost Nuts,” 4 ozs. stoned raisins, 3 ozs. sugar, 3 gills milk, 1 or 2 eggs, a little spice or flavouring.  Put “Provost Nuts,” raisins, and sugar in basin.  Bring milk to boil, pour over, cover, and allow to stand till cool.  Beat up yolks and add, also flavouring, then the whites whipped stiffly.  Mix well, and bake about 45 minutes in moderate oven.  This pudding is also very good steamed.  Use rather less milk.  The yolk and white of egg need not be separated.  May be varied by substituting currants, sultanas, or chopped “Fruitarian” cake for the stoned raisins.

“Provost Nuts” Walnut Pudding.

3 ozs.  “Provost” Nuts, 3 ozs. grated walnuts, 3 ozs. sugar, 2-1/2 gills (i.e., teacupfuls) milk, vanilla essence.  Bring milk to boil, pour over the “Provost” Nuts, and soak till cool.  Put in saucepan along with the grated walnuts, bring to boil, and simmer gently for five minutes.  Remove from fire, and when cold add the beaten yolks, sugar, and vanilla; lastly the whites beaten very stiff.  Mix well, pour into buttered dish, and bake for 30 to 40 minutes in moderate oven.  This is by no means an expensive pudding—­at least when eggs are reasonable—­and is dainty enough to grace even a festive occasion.

“Hovis” Walnut Pudding

is made by substituting 4 ozs.  “Hovis” Bread crumbs for the “Provost Nuts.”  This will not require soaking, but can be put at once in saucepan with milk and grated walnuts.

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