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(In place of Cheese).

S. D.
Almond 0 9
Pine Kernel 0 7
Honey and Nut 0 6
Pea Nut and Cocoa Nut 0 5


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RODBOURN’S Health Foods Depot

40 Hanover St., Edinburgh

VEGETARIANS, or intending Vegetarians, should write or call for our List of over 400 varieties.

We have the most varied stock of Health Foods in Scotland, and can give early delivery.

Families catered for at a distance.  Small orders from manufacturers are often costly.  Avoid worry and save time and money by buying your goods in one lot.

NOTE.—­We pay carriage up to 50 miles by goods train on 10/- orders; ¬£2 parcels sent carriage paid anywhere.

Remember, what a wrong diet causes a right diet will cure.

RODBOURN’S, 40 Hanover Street, EDINBURGH

National Telephone. 5055

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Considerable difficulty seems to be experienced in many quarters in getting really good bread free from chemicals and other deleterious matters.  In some households the problem is solved by subsisting solely on certain approved kinds of biscuits, one I heard of keeping exclusively to Shredded Wheat Biscuits and Triscuits, while another stood by the “Artox” Biscuits.  Besides these there are several other specially good whole-wheat biscuits, among which may be mentioned Chapman’s Nut Wheat Biscuits; Winter’s “Mainstay” series of Diet Biscuits, including some dozen varieties, all excellent, ranging in price from 4d. to 8d. per lb.; and the “P.R.,” a Wallaceite specialty.  Among the latter the “Barley Malt,” “Crispits,” “P.R.  Wheatmeal,” “New P.R.  Crackers,” &c., are to be specially recommended.  Most people, however, prefer to have something more in the way of a loaf, and those who can make

Home-Made Bread

should have no difficulty in providing a toothsome and, at the same time, perfectly wholesome article.  Directions for Wallace Egg Bread are given on page 74, and for Wheatmeal Gems, made with meal and water only, page 73.  The following is a still simpler method:—­Get a reliable whole-wheat flour; Hovis, Manhu, and Artox are each excellent, and will commend themselves severally to different tastes and requirements.  The latter, it is useful to know, is used exclusively in the Wallace P.R.  Bakery—­a guarantee for its purity and wholesomeness.  To prepare, take amount of flour required, and allow 1 or 2 ozs. vegetable butter or nut oil to the lb.  Salt or not to taste.  Rub in the butter and make into a stiff dough with cold water.  Run two or three times through an ordinary mincer to aerate, and form into a long roll, but without pressure of any kind.  Divide into suitable pieces or put in loaf pans, and bake in well-heated oven for 30 minutes to 1-1/2 hours, according to size.  Most people will prefer small crusty loaves or rolls which get baked right through.  For ordinary

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