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Six ozs. grated nuts, 4 ozs. breadcrumbs, 1 oz.  Nut butter.  Make fat hot in saucepan, add nuts, and stir till lightly browned, taking great care not to burn.  Add breadcrumbs and seasoning to taste—­large spoonful grated onion, pinch herbs, &c.—­also ketchup or vegetable extract—­“Carnos” or “Marmite”—­with boiling water to make up 2 gills—­rather less if a dry consistency is preferred.  Simmer slowly for 15 minutes.  Serve with sippets of toast or fried bread.  Brazil, peccan, or hazel nuts may be used instead of walnuts.

Savoury Lentil Pie.

With the help of the above mince quite a number of delicious savouries can be contrived with but little extra trouble.  The following pie will be found delicious:—­Wash well 8 ozs. red lentils, and put on to cook with 2 ozs. each of chopped or flaked carrot, turnip, and onion, 1 oz. butter, pinch herbs, ditto curry powder, teaspoonful sugar, and usual seasonings.  Cover with just as little water as will cook the lentils without burning, and simmer or steam closely covered for about half-an-hour till lentils a thick puree.  Some ketchup, “Extract,” or tomato is an improvement; add nut mince prepared as above, mix well and simmer a few minutes longer.  It should be of the consistency of a thick mush.  Put in pie-dish, and set aside to cool.  Cover with

Batter Paste

made with 6 ozs. self-raising flour, 2 eggs, 1-1/2 gills milk, 3 ozs. butter or vegetable fat.  Rub the butter into the flour, and make into stiff batter, with the eggs well beaten, and the milk.  Pour over contents of pie-dish and bake till well risen and a nice brown in fairly brisk oven.

Nutton Pie.

One-and-half lbs.  “Nutton,” [Footnote:  A very fine Nut Meat, put up by R. Winter, City Arcades, Birmingham.] cut in dice, 1/2 lb. tomatoes, 1/4 lb. cooked macaroni, 1-1/2 lbs. cooked potatoes, sliced.  Dust with pepper and salt, pour in stock to within 1/2 inch of top; cover with good whole-meal crust, made with Winter’s cooking “Nutbut”; bake.

Nutton Chops.

One lb.  No. 1 “Nutton,” minced through a food chopper, 3/4 lb. zweiback bread crumbs, 2 ozs. macaroni, cooked and finely chopped, pepper and salt to taste.  Mix with egg and form into chops; use a piece of uncooked macaroni for the bone; brush with egg and bread crumbs and bake, or fry, with nutbut—­this quantity should make 8 chops.

Nutton Meat for Mock Sausage Rolls.

One lb.  No. 8 “Nutton,” put through a food chopper, 1/2 Spanish onion boiled and finely chopped, 2 teacupsful zweiback bread crumbs, a little sage, salt to taste.  Have quantity required of puff pastry, roll out and divide into squares, putting a little sausage meat in the centre, wet the edges and fold over.  Place in a hot oven and bake 10 minutes to 1/4 hour.

Stewed Onions.

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