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Plasmon Stock,

put 1 oz.  Plasmon in saucepan, and add gradually half a pint lukewarm water, stirring continuously.  Place over the fire, and boil for two minutes.  When cold, this should be a thin, semi-transparent jelly.

Cream of Barley Soup.

Prepare a white or clear stock (p. 11), or make a hasty stock by boiling some lentils, split-peas, or haricots with a good quantity of chopped onion till of the strength required.  Failing any of these, a spoonful or two of vegetable extract will do very well.  Bring to boil, and season to taste.  In a basin smooth some of Robinson’s Patent Barley to a cream with cold water or milk, allowing one tablespoonful to the pint.  Pour on to this the boiling stock, stirring all the time.  Return to saucepan, boil up, and allow to simmer for at least ten minutes.  More milk may be added if desired, and this soup can be varied and enriched by the addition of the yolks of one or two eggs.  These should be well beaten up and put in tureen before dishing.  I may say here that the Patent Barley is must useful for thickening any kind of soup, stock, or gravy.


Nut Soufflee.

A teacup each of grated walnuts, brown bread crumbs, and milk, a beaten egg, pepper and salt.  Mix well, grease a tin mould, pour in mixture, and steam for an hour.  Serve with Tomato Sauce.  When cold, it can be cut in slices, rolled in egg and bread crumbs, and fried a nice brown.

NOTE.—­The above can be varied by using a different kind of nuts or Mapleton’s Nut-meat Preparation, and by the addition of a little grated onion, minced parsley, and one or two teaspoonfuls Vegetable Extract.

Savoury Nut Omelette.

A large cup of grated walnuts or Brazil nuts, a cup of brown bread crumbs, pepper and salt to taste, a little grated onion, 2 teaspoonfuls finely chopped parsley; also 2 eggs well beaten, and a cup of milk.  Mix all the ingredients together.  Have ready an omelette pan with a good layer of hot fat or butter.  Pour in the mixture, slowly brown on one side, cut in 4 or 6 pieces when they will be easily turned, then brown on the other side.  Serve hot, with brown sauce, vegetables and potatoes in the usual way.  A still simpler way is to bake in shallow baking tin in brisk oven 30 to 40 minutes.  Use plenty of fat.

NOTE.—­The above can be very easily prepared by using Mapleton’s Nut-meat Preparation instead of the grated nuts.  Walnut or brown Almond meal would be especially suitable.

Sea Pie.

Cook together a variety of tender spring vegetables—­carrots, turnips, cabbage, pens, French beans, &c.  First brown some onions with “Nuttene,” add water with some vegetable extract—­“Marmite” or “Carnos”—­also some ketchup and seasoning.  When boiling, add the carrots and turnips—­not too small—­then a fair-sized cabbage cut in four pieces, the peas shelled,

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