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“COW & GATE” Dried Pure English Half-Cream Milk

The Superiority of Dried Milk over Fresh Cow’s Milk was strikingly demonstrated by the experiments of the Sheffield Corporation Scheme for Reducing Infantile Mortality, given in a paper by ALBERT E. NAISH, M.A., M.B., B.C., Cantab., Assistant Physician, Sheffield Royal Hospital, in the September 3rd issue of the Medical Officer.  For the purpose of these experiments our milk was used with that of two other makers.


can be supplied in a much fresher condition than Foreign or Colonial makes.  Besides the fact of our supplying several Infant Milk Depots and Creches, we have Thousands of Letters from grateful mothers, from all parts, who testify to the splendid results from feeding their babies on our Dried English Milk.

West Surrey Central Dairy Co.  GUILDFORD.

It can be obtained of most Chemists and Health Food Stores, in Tins and
Packets, 1/1. each.

We make Dried, Full-Cream, and also Separated Milk, as well as the above. 
Prices on application.

* * * * *

Savoury Gruel.

Dissolve about 1-1/2 teaspoonfuls vegetable extract—­“Marmite,” “Carnos,” Mapleton’s Nut Extract are all good—­in 3 gills boiling water.  Have a tablespoonful of either Gluten Meal, Barley Malt Meal, Banana Oats, &c., made smooth with a little cold water—­add seasoning, a little grated onion, celery, &c.—­and mix it with the “Extract” tea.  Boil all together, stirring constantly for 5 or 10 minutes, then strain.

This savoury gruel may be acceptably varied from time to time by substituting Robinson’s Patent Barley or Groats for the above.

Almond Cream Whey.

One pint milk, 1 dessertspoonful lemon juice, 1 tablespoonful Almond cream or Cashew nut cream.  Bring milk nearly to boiling point, and add lemon juice.  Let stand till it curdles.  Strain and stir in the nut cream, also sweetening to taste.

“Nutter” Milk

(For Wasting Diseases, in place of Cod Liver Oil).

Put 1 oz.  “Nutter,” or other good vegetable fat, in small enamelled saucepan, and pour on 1/2 pint of milk.  Heat very slowly nearly to boiling point.  Stir or beat with wooden spoon till cool enough to drink.  Pour into warm glass and sip slowly.  If not all used at once, heat slowly, and mix well each time to be used.

Almond Milk Jelly.

Make up 1/2 pint almond milk by shaking up 1 tablespoonful Mapleton’s concentrated almond cream with 2 gills water.  Soak 1/8 oz. vegetable gelatine in cold water for an hour.  Strain off the water and put in saucepan with the almond milk, rind of 1/2 lemon and juice of whole one, also 2 ozs. sugar.  Stir over gentle heat till gelatine is dissolved.  Strain and mould in usual way.

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