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Green Gooseberry Jam

is made with the gooseberries alone, prepared as above.  A little grated lemon rind, &c., might be used for flavouring.  Then if one is making

Green Gooseberry Jelly,

top and tail the fruit very carefully, removing every tough or discoloured one.  Put on to boil, well covered with water.  Add flavouring or not as preferred, and simmer gently for an hour or so.  Drain without pressure.  Allow 14 ozs. to pint of juice, and boil rapidly about 10 minutes.  Allow 1 lb. sugar to each lb. of the pulp.  Boil together for about 20 minutes, and this will give a very good, if rough and ready, jam.

Jelly without Boiling.

Everyone who can get good red or white currants should try making the jelly without boiling.  I got the recipe from a friend many years ago, and can recommend it as a way in which the fresh flavour of the fruit is preserved to perfection.  Wring the currants in usual way, and to each pint of juice allow 14 ozs. loaf sugar, which must be pure cane.  I believe crystalised will do, but I have never tried it.  Granulated or beet sugar will not do.  Put juice and sugar in a strong basin and beat with the back of a wooden spoon till the sugar is quite dissolved, which will take about half-an-hour.  Skim and pot.  It should be quite firm by next day, and will keep for a year or longer—­if it escapes consumption.

Bramble Jelly.

This is one of the finest preserves one can make—­especially if we have gathered the fruit.  The brambles should not be too ripe, but should have a good proportion of hard red ones.  Wash well in cold water and put on with water to barely cover.  Simmer gently for an hour or longer, bruising well with wooden spoon.  Drain without pressure.  Measure, and allow 14 ozs. sugar to pint, i.e., breakfast cupful.  Allow the juice to boil up well.  Add the sugar, boil fast for a few minutes, skim and pot.

NOTE.—­Only pure cane sugar should be used for preserves.  Add the sugar when the preserve is boiling—­nearly ready indeed.  It only requires to be thoroughly dissolved and boiled through.  This method goes far to prevent burning and loss of flavour.

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