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Rough Puff Paste.

Take same quantities as for short crust.  Divide butter into pieces on floured board and flatten with the rolling-pin—­a stoneware bottle, by the way, is much better than a wooden rolling-pin.  Put the butter with the flour and mix as before with egg, lemon juice and water.  Turn out on floured board, make into a neat, oblong shape, beat down with rolling-pin and roll out very evenly to about 1/8-inch thickness.  Dust with flour and fold in three, turn half round so as to have open end in front of one, and roll out as before.  Repeat this until it has got 4 turns, taking care to keep the edges as even as possible, and for the last time roll out a good deal larger than the dish.  Put a band of paste on the dish, wet this and lay on the cover.  Flute the edges neatly.  Brush over with egg.  Cut the trimmings of paste into leaves, &c., and decorate the pie, putting a rose in the centre.  Brush these also with egg.  Make one or two slits to let out the steam, and bake in hot oven.  The oven should be made very hot before the pastry is put in, and then the heat should be moderated.  This can of course be managed best with a gas oven.

This rough puff paste is very suitable for small sausage rolls.  Roll out for last time quite square.  Divide into nine equal squares, put a small quantity of sausage meat on centre, wet edges and press together.  Brush over with egg and bake.  Remember never to brush the edges with egg, as that would stick them together and prevent rising.

Rich Puff Paste

suitable for patties, vol-au-vent, &c., is made as above, but with 6 ozs. butter to 8 ozs. flour.  For patties leave the paste at last rolling out 1/2 inch thick.  Stamp out into rounds with lid or biscuit-cutter, about 2-1/2” or 3” diameter, and with a smaller cutter mark about half-way through the paste.  Brush with egg and put on oven-plate.  See that the oven is specially hot, and yet regulated so that the pastry will not scorch before thoroughly risen, as the oven door must not be opened for fifteen to twenty minutes after putting in.  They should rise to three or four times the thickness of the paste.  Allow to bake some time longer, remove from oven, and with a sharp-pointed knife remove the centre lid.  Fill in with the mushrooms, tomatoes, &c., replace top, and make very hot again before using.


is done exactly in same way, only all in one.  Cut out the whole of the paste round, oval or square, and with a sharp-pointed knife mark half-way through all round about an inch from the edge.  Bake as for patties, but the larger piece of pastry will require longer to bake through and through.  Remove lid carefully, put in filling and replace lid.

Raised Pie Crust.

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