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CARNOS CO., Great Grimsby, Lincs.

N.B.—­No chemicals used in the manufacture.

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Royal Pudding Mould
Pure Earthenware.

Prices—­1-, 1/6, 2/-, 2/6

Saucepan Brush
Cleans a saucepan in a few seconds.  Price 6d.

Pie Cup
Price 4d. each.


Opened and Closed instantly.

Water kept out; Goodness kept in.

Gourmet Boiler

Cooks Porridge, Meat, Beef Tea, Jellies, Fruit, &c.

No Stirring; No Burning; No Waste. 
Prices—­9d., 1-, 1/3, 1/6, 1/8, 2/-,
   2/3, 2/6, and upwards.

Egg Beater

For frothing Eggs and Foaming Cream
9d., 1/-, 1/6, 2/-

Queen’s Pudding Boiler

Prices—­9d., 1/-, 1/6, 2/-
2/6, 3/-

Pudding Spoon

Handy to use; does its work well.  Price 6d.

Stands inside any Saucepan

Egg Separator
Instantly separates the white from the yolk.  Price 3d. each.

Complete List Free on application to
GOURMET & CO., Mount Pleasant, London, W.C.

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It is that delicious, sweet, nutty flavour which you long for but seldom find.  It is only to be found in


Wholemeal, which is made from the very finest wheat obtainable, carefully selected and blended, and ground by millstones in the good old fashioned way.


contains the whole of the wheat, so treated that the sharp, irritating particles of the bran, so prevalent in the ordinary meal, are rendered harmless and capable of digestion by the weakest stomach.


by a patent process is ground to such a marvellous degree of fineness that it can be used for all the purposes for which white flour is used.  Therefore make all your Bread, Puddings, Cakes, Pies, and Pastry with “ARTOX.”  They will be much nicer, besides being more nourishing and satisfying, because “ARTOX” is a perfect natural food.

We have a dainty booklet—­“Grains of Common Sense”—­we should like to send you, crammed with novel and delicious recipes.  It will be sent free on application.

“ARTOX” is sold by all the leading Grocers and Health Food Stores in 3 lb., 7 lb., and 14 lb. sealed linen bags, or 28 lbs. will be sent direct on receipt of P.O. for 4/6.

Send Post Card for Name and Address of Nearest Agent to


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