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Raised Haricot Pie.

Prepare a raised pie case (see Pastry), put in a layer of cooked haricot or butter beans, a layer of sliced tomatoes, and one of hard-boiled eggs.  Put on the lid, which should have a hole in the centre.  Bake, and with a funnel fill in with dissolved savoury jelly.  This is delicious to eat cold, and is very useful for pic-nics.  The same ingredients may also be made into small pies or bridies.


There is an unlimited variety of these to be had.  Any of the savoury mixtures given in previous recipes for stews, sausages, &c., will do, but if to be kept for any length of time, it must be well seasoned, the different ingredients thoroughly blended or pounded together, and the mixture pressed into small jars or glasses with clarified butter or pure vegetable fat poured over.  A little lemon juice and grated lemon rind will give a piquant relish to most of these potted “meats.”

Haricot Paste.

This is very good, and is a handy way of using up cold haricots, butter beans, &c.  Drain away any sauce, or add as much finely mashed potato or cold boiled rice as will absorb it.  Add seasoning to taste—­mace, made mustard, ketchup, “Extract,” &c.  Mix thoroughly and pass through a sieve to remove skins, stringy portions, &c.  Some tomato is always an improvement, and if none has been cooked with the beans, put some in saucepan with a little butter and cook for 10 minutes.  Add the haricots, &c., blend together over the fire, and pass through sieve while hot.

Lentil Paste

is made by using cooked lentils in place of the beans.

Tomato Paste.

Peel and cut small 1/2 lb. tomatoes.  Put in saucepan with 1 oz. butter, a teaspoonful grated onion, and seasoning to taste—­made mustard, celery salt, lemon juice, ketchup, “Extract,” &c.  Each or all of these are good.  Stir over the fire till the tomato is nearly cooked, then add one egg, and stir round till all is smooth and thick.  Add 2 tablespoonfuls bread crumbs or 1 of cold cooked rice, macaroni, &c., previously put through a sieve or masher.  Remove to side of fire and stir in 2 ozs. grated cheese.  Mix very thoroughly and pot.

Tomato Paste (2).

For immediate use the following is specially good.  It may be used as a savoury, and makes a delicious filling for sandwiches.  Take some firm, ripe tomatoes, free from skin and seeds, and cut up small.  Allow 1 oz. grated cheese to every 4 ozs. tomato—­some may prefer more cheese in proportion, but that is a fair average.  Put in a strong basin with seasoning—­made mustard or pepper, ketchup, a little “Marmite” or “Carnos,” &c., and pound to a smooth paste with a wooden spoon.  Pass through a sieve, and it is ready for use.

Brawn for Pic-Nic.

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