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Separate the whites from the yolks of 3 eggs, or one for each person; beat up the yolks, and add some grated onion, pepper and salt.  Beat the whites till very stiff and mix or rather fold in very lightly.  Make a small piece of butter very hot in small frying pan, pour in one-third of the mixture, shake over gentle heat till set, easing it round the edges with a knife, fold over and put on very hot napkin.  Repeat till all are done and serve very hot.  A little hot lemon juice may be squeezed over, or a spoonful of mushroom ketchup will give a nice relish.

Cheese Omelet

is made by mixing in grated cheese—­a dessert spoonful for each egg.  The onion may be omitted if preferred without.  A pinch cayenne and a little made mustard go well with cheese.

Savoury Pancakes.

Take much the same ingredients as above, but beat yolks and whites together, and add one tablespoonful milk, and a level dessert spoonful flour for each egg.  Mix all together some time before using.  Make a bit of butter hot in very small frying pan, pour in enough batter to just cover, and cook very gently till set, and brown on the under side.  Turn and brown on the other side, or hold in front of hot fire or under the gas grill.  Roll up and serve very hot.  Ketchup and water, or diluted extract, may be used instead of the milk, and some finely minced parsley or pinch herbs is an improvement.

These omelets and pancakes may be varied by adding tomatoes, mushrooms, &c.  Cook very lightly and either stir into the mixture before frying, or spread on the top after it is cooked, and fold or roll up.  A mixture of tomatoes and mushrooms is especially good.

Mushroom Cutlets.

Remove stalks and skins from 1/2 lb. flap mushrooms.  Clean, chop up, and stew gently in a little butter.  Melt 1 oz. butter in another saucepan, stir in 1 oz. flour, and add by degrees a teacupful milk, tomato juice, or extract.  When smooth add the mushrooms and seasonings.  Stir till smooth and thick, and turn out on flat dish to cool.  Shape into cutlets, egg, crumb, and fry.

Asparagus, celery, artichokes, and many other vegetables may be used in the composition of omelets, fritters, cutlets, &c.

If for an omelet, only a very small quantity must be used.  One tablespoonful of any of the finer cooked vegetables is enough in proportion to two eggs.  When a more substantial dish is wanted, it should take the shape of cutlets or fritters.

Bread Fritters.

Put 6 ozs. fine bread crumbs in a basin and pour over 3 teacupfuls boiling milk.  Allow to stand for some time, then add seasoning to taste—­grated onion, parsley, ketchup, extract, &c.—­and 2 beaten eggs, reserving a little of the white for brushing.  Mix and pour into buttered baking tin.  Cover and bake in good oven till set—­about 1 hour.  When cold, cut into nice shapes, brush over with egg, toss in fine crumbs and fry.  This may also be served simply baked.  In that case, put some bits of butter on top, and bake a nice brown without cover.

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