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These cheese tartlets, mock crab, patties, &c., can be most acceptably varied by using

Shredded Wheat Biscuits

in place of pastry cases or scallop shells.  Use any of the cheese mixtures given for Scotch woodcock, mock crab, &c.  With a sharp-pointed knife split the biscuit open and place in buttered tin, with a bit of butter on the top of each, in hot oven till crisp and brown.  Remove to hot dish, fill in each biscuit with the mixture made very hot, and pile up more on the top.

Dresden Patties.

Stamp out 6 or 8 rounds of bread, dip quickly in milk, gravy, or diluted extract, and drain—­on no account allow to soak.  Brush over with egg, toss in fine crumbs and fry.  Drain and keep very hot.  Prepare a cheese and tomato mixture same as for “Scotch Woodcock,” and while in saucepan add 1 or 2 hard-boiled eggs—­the white chopped in small dice or tiny strips.  Mix lightly over the fire and pile up on centre of each round.  Serve on hot napkin, garnished with fried parsley.  These patties may also be made with shredded wheat biscuits.

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Scotch Haggis.

“Fair fa’ yer honest, sonsy face,
Great chieftain o’ the puddin’ race.”

It is to be hoped the shade of Burns will forbear to haunt those who have the temerity to appropriate the sacred name of Haggis for anything innocent of the time-honoured liver and lights which were the sine qua non of the great chieftain.  But in Burns’ time people were not haunted by the horrors of trichinae, measly affections, &c., &c. (one must not be too brutally plain spoken, even in what they are avoiding), as we are now, so perhaps this practical age may risk the shade rather than the substance.

For a medium-sized haggis, then, toast a breakfastcupful oatmeal in front of the fire, or in the oven till brown and crisp, but not burnt.  Have the same quantity of cooked brown or German lentils, and a half-teacupful onions, chopped up and browned in a little butter.  Mix all together and add 4 ozs. chopped vegetable suet, and seasoning necessary of ketchup, black and Jamaica popper.

It should be fairly moist; if too dry add a little stock, gravy, or extract.  Turn into greased basin and steam at least 3 hours.  An almost too realistic imitation of “liver” is contrived by substituting chopped mushrooms for the lentils.  It may also be varied by using crushed shredded wheat biscuit crumbs in place of the oatmeal.  Any “remains” will be found very toothsome, if sliced when cold, and toasted or fried.

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