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Cheese Straws (1).

Rub 2 ozs. butter into 4 ozs. flour.  Add 2 ozs. grated cheese, a little mustard and cayenne, and make into a stiff paste, with the yolks of 2 eggs or one whole egg beaten up.  Roll out thin, cut into straws, lift on to baking sheet carefully with a knife, placing them a little apart, and bake a pale brown—­about 10 minutes in moderate oven.  Another way is to break off small bits of the paste and roll into thin pipes on a floured board.  Savoury

Cheese Biscuits

are made by cutting above paste, rolled very thin, into oblong or diamond shapes, with pastry cutter.  Bake in same way.  Serve either hot or cold.  Spread with a little Marmite and savoury tomato mixture, or sandwich this between two biscuits.

Cheese Straws (2).

Two ozs. cheese, same of batter, flour and fine white crumbs.  Add seasoning, and make into paste with one egg, roll out, stamp out a few rings, make the rest into straws, bake and put a bundle of straws into each ring.

Parmesan Puff Pie.

Prepare some cheese pastry, as for “Straws No. 1,” and with it line a round shallow tin or tart ring.  Common short or puff pastry will do, but the cheese pastry is nicer.  Fill in with rice or crusts to keep in place.  Bake rather briskly, and remove from the tin.  Fill in with the following mixture:—­In a saucepan melt 1 oz. butter, and into that stir 1 oz. flour and 1 oz. flaked or ground rice.  Add gradually a teacupful milk, and when it thickens, 2 ozs. grated cheese and seasoning, cayenne, and made mustard.  Pour into pastry case.  Sprinkle a few browned crumbs or shredded wheat biscuit crumbs on the top.  Dot over with bits of butter, and bake in moderate oven for about 20 minutes.  Put a little more grated cheese on the top and serve very hot.

Small Cheese Tartlets

can be made by dividing same ingredients into a number of small cases or patty tins.  Ten minutes should be long enough to bake.  Another very good filling for these or the previous puff pie is the mixture given in recipe for Scotch woodcock, while a novel and delicious

Welsh Rarebit

could be made with either of these mixtures, with perhaps a rather more liberal supply of cheese and made mustard spread between slices of hot buttered toast.

Mock Crab

is made with somewhat similar filling, but is best with fresh tomatoes.  Remove skin and seeds from 1/2 lb. firm, ripe tomatoes, and cut small; grate 4 ozs. rich, well-flavoured Cheddar cheese.  Add to tomatoes in basin with teaspoonful made mustard, yolks of 3 hard-boiled eggs, large spoonful mushroom ketchup, a little extract, and a very little curry powder or paste.  Pound all together with back of a wooden spoon till quite smooth.  Serve in scallop shells, garnished with the white of egg.

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