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Take about 2 teacupfuls cooked German lentils—­not too moist.  Put in a basin and add a cupful fine bread crumbs, and a cupful cold boiled rice or about half as much mashed potatoes.  Add any extra seasoning—­a little ketchup, Worcester sauce, Marmite or Carnos Extract, &c.—­also a spoonful of melted butter.  Mix well with a fork and bind with one or two beaten eggs, reserving a little for brushing.  Shape into a brick or oval, and press together as firmly as possible.  Brush over with beaten egg, put in buttered tin, and bake for half-an-hour.  Or it may be put in saucepan with 1 oz. butter or Nut Butter that has been made very hot.  Cover and braize for 10 minutes.  Turn and cook for another 10 minutes.  Add a little flour and seasoning to the butter, and then a cupful boiling water, stock, or diluted “Extract,” and allow to simmer a little longer.  Serve with garnish of beetroot or tomatoes.

This can also be made into a delicious

Cold Savoury.

Bake or braize as above.  Remove to the ashet on which it is to be served. 
Allow to get quite cold, then glaze. [Footnote:  See Glaze.]


are made of the same ingredients as savoury brick.  Pound well in a basin, so as to have all the materials nicely blended, or put in a saucepan over gentle heat, and mash well with a wooden spoon.  See that the seasoning is right.  Some chopped tomatoes and mushrooms are an improvement, also some grated onion, ketchup, and “Extract.”  These should be put in saucepan with a little butter until lightly cooked, then the lentils, &c., should be added, the whole well mixed and turned out to cool.  When quite cold, flour the hands and form into small sausages.  Brush over with beaten egg and fry, or put on greased baking tin and bake till a crisp brown.  They may need a little basting, or to be turned over to brown equally.

The filling for

Sausage Rolls

is compounded exactly as above, but should be rather moister, and have more butter added to prevent their being too dry.  Have quantity required of rough puff pastry. [Footnote:  See Pastry.] Roll out and divide into 9 or 10 4-inch squares.  Put a little sausage meat in centre, wet the edges and fold over.  Press the edges lightly together with pastry cutter, if you have one, brush all over with beaten egg except the edges.  Place on oven plate and put at once in hot oven.  Bake 20 to 30 minutes.  They may be served either hot or cold, but are best hot.  They can easily be re-heated in oven at any time.

Fifeshire Bridies

may have the same filling put in plain short crust, or raised pie-crust, rolled very thin and cut in oval or diamond shapes.  Fold over, and turn up the under edge all round.  Brush over with egg and bake—­if raised pie crust—­in rather a slower oven.

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