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Call or write for our Free Booklet List on Healthful Vegetarianism at our City Depot, 73 Dundas Street,


West end Stores, 363 New City Road, Glasgow

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A Health Bread.


Some facts,

Hovis Strengthens:  Contains 11.13% Proteid.

Hovis Promotes Energy:  Contains 42.34% Carbohydrates, and 2.11% Fat.

Hovis Builds Bones:  Contains 1.62% mineral matter.

Hovis is Pure:  Contains no adulterants.

Hovis is Digestive:  Contains Cerealin, a valuable digestive ferment.

Hovis is Pleasant:  The large proportion of germ renders it sweet and nutty.

Hovis is Uric-Acid-Free:  Thus Best Brown Bread for Gouty Subjects.

Dr Gordon Stables says, in “Fresh Air Treatment for
Consumption”—­“The bread I use is Hovis; I am enthusiastic on it.”


Hovis Flour can be obtained from most bakers.  It makes delicious
Scones, Pastry, Puddings, and gem Pan Rolls.



The Hovis Bread Flour Co.,


See Recipes on pages 105, 108, 109.

* * * * * *

Entered at Stationers’ Hall.

Reform cookery.

* * * * * *

Why hesitate?

Thousands of grateful consumers by their daily use of Vejola, F.R.  Nut.  Meat, Meatose, Nutmeatose, and Nutvejo, &c., endorse the verdict of the best judges that there are no other Nut Meats equal to them for Roasts, Stews, Pies, Hashes, Sandwiches, Chops, Steaks, and Rissoles.  Sample of any one of these sent for 8d., post free.


Idealists will also find an ideal food in Nut Cream Rolls and Biscuits.  They are made from choice nuts converted into a rich cream, mixed with a finely stone-ground wheatmeal, containing all the nutritious elements of the golden wheatberry.  This makes them the most nourishing and concentrated food obtainable.  Made in 30 varieties.  Assorted sample 1/- post free.  Procure a packet now,

Then you will act
like Oliver Twist

Also get samples of the L. N. F. Co.’s Nut and Fruit Cakes, Genoa Cakes, Malted Nut and Fruit Caramels, Chocolate Nut and Fruit Dainties, and our wonderful new Savoury Nut Meat, NUTTORIA, which you will enjoy

And ask for more.

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