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Celery Egg Cutlets

are made by adding the hard-boiled eggs to the mixture for celery fritters.  Both of these are specially delicious, and this forms an excellent way of using up cold cooked stuff—­savoury rice, vermicelli, &c.—­so that one can have a dainty savoury with very little trouble.  This is of no little importance in an age when so many demands are made upon the time and energy of the average housewife, and one would do well to study while preparing any dish requiring a good deal of care and labour, to have sufficient over to make a fricassee of some sort for another time.

Rice and Lentil Mould

comes in very handy in this way.  Put 1 oz. butter in saucepan and shred into it very finely a large Spanish onion or an equal quantity white of small onions or leeks.  Cover, and allow to sweat over gentle heat for 10 minutes.  Some finely shred white celery along with the onions is a welcome addition, but is not indispensable.  Pick and wash well 1/4 lb. yellow lentils and bring to boil in water to cover.  Do the same with 3 ozs. rice.  The lentils and rice may be boiled together, but are nicer done separately.  Add to onion, &c., in saucepan, along with seasoning to taste of curry powder, &c.  Some tomato pulp or chutney is very good.  Mix lightly so as not to make it pasty.  Remove from fire, add a beaten egg, and press into a plain buttered mould.  Tie down with buttered paper and steam for one hour.  Turn out and serve with tomato sauce.  It may also be garnished with slices of hard-boiled egg, beetroot, fried tomatoes, &c.


A very good kedgeree is made with much the same ingredients as above.  The lentils may be left out, and chopped tomato or carrot flaked (on one of those threesome graters is best) and fried along with the onion, may be used instead.  The rice must be boiled as for curry and made very dry.  Boil 2 or 3 eggs hard, chop finely, and mix with the other ingredients in saucepan.  Make all very hot, and serve piled up on hot dish with any suitable garnish and curry or tomato sauce.  A spoonful finely chopped parsley would be an improvement to both this and rice mould.  Fried parley and thin slices of lemon make a suitable garnish for this and similar dishes, while parsley fried in fat at a low temperature, 200 degrees, crushed and sprinkled over a mould, cutlets, &c., both looks and tastes good.  Any kedgeree that is left over will make excellent cutlets for breakfast, &c.

Macaroni Mould

is made by using cooked macaroni instead of rice in recipe for rice mould.

Macaroni Timbale.

Boil 6 ozs. long pipe macaroni—­in as long pieces as convenient—­in salted boiling water 20 to 25 minutes, and drain.  Have a plain mould—­a small enamel pudding basin is best—­butter it well, and line closely round it with the macaroni.  Fill in with any savoury mixture, such as lentils, tomatoes, mushrooms, celery, carrots, &c.  Put more strips of macaroni or a slice of buttered bread on the top.  Cover with buttered paper and steam 1-1/2 hours.  Turn out and serve with sauce.  Garnish suitably, cooked tomatoes, &c.

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