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Through came the Yates full, the ball safely stowed in the crook of his elbow, the whole force of the backs shoving him on.  Three yards was his.  Another line-up.  Again the Yates full-back was given the ball, and again he gained.  And it was the first down on Yates’s forty-five-yard line.  Then began a rout in which Harwell retreated and Yates pursued until the leather had crossed the middle of the field.  The gains were made anywhere, everywhere, it seemed.  Allardyce yielded time and again, and Selkirk beside him, lacking the other’s support, was thrust aside almost at will.  The Yates shouters were wild with joy, and the cheers of Harwell were drowned beneath the greater outbursts from the supporters of the blue.

Harwell appeared to be outclassed, so far as her rush line was concerned.  Past the fifty-yard line went the ball, and between it and the next white streak, Harwell at last made a desperate stand, and secured the ball.  At the first play it was sent speeding away from Blair’s toe to the Yates mid-field, a long, clean, high kick, that led the forwards down under it in time to throw the waiting back ere he had taken a step, and that brought shouts of almost tearful delight from the Harwell sympathizers.  Back to her line-bucking returned Yates, and slowly, but very surely, the contest moved over the lost ground, back toward the Harwell goal.  The fifty-five-yard line was passed again, the fifty, the forty-five, and here or there holes were being torn in the Harwell line, and the crimson was going down before the blue.  At her forty-yard line Harwell stayed again for a while the onslaught of the enemy, and tried thrice to make ground through the Yates line.  Then back to the hands of Wilkes went the oval and again the heart-breaking rout began.


ELTON, 184

Right                               Left
Half-Back                          Half-Back
THOMPSON, 153                       CUSHING, 157

BIRCH, 140

Right       Right    Right             Left     Left      Left
End       Tackle    Guard   Center   Guard    Tackle      End
163         203      197      204     194       189       150

Left Left Left Center Right Right Right
End Tackle Guard Guard Tackle End
150 186 189 229 196 179 156

STORY, 144
PRINCE, 157                          KINGDON, 182
Left                                 Right
Half-Back                             Half-Back

BLAIR, 179


Harwell made her last desperate rally on her twenty-five yards.  The ball was thrown to Blair, who kicked, but not soon enough to get it out of the way of the opposing forwards, who broke through as the ball rose.  It struck against the upstretched hand of the Yates right guard and bounded toward the crimson’s goal.  The Yates left half fell upon it.  From there, without forfeiting the ball, Yates crashed down to the goal line, and hurled Elton, her crack full-back, through at last for a touch-down.

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