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XXXIII.  A Home Found.

My greatest anxiety now was to obtain employment.  My health was greatly improved, though my limbs continued to trouble me with swelling whenever I walked much.  The greatest difficulty in my way was, that those who employed strangers required a recommendation; and in my peculiar position, I could, of course, obtain no certificates from the families I had so faithfully served.

One day an acquaintance told me of a lady who wanted a nurse for her babe, and I immediately applied for the situation.  The lady told me she preferred to have one who had been a mother, and accustomed to the care of infants.  I told her I had nursed two babes of my own.  She asked me many questions, but, to my great relief, did not require a recommendation from my former employers.  She told me she was an English woman, and that was a pleasant circumstance to me, because I had heard they had less prejudice against color than Americans entertained.  It was agreed that we should try each other for a week.  The trial proved satisfactory to both parties, and I was engaged for a month.

The heavenly Father had been most merciful to me in leading me to this place.  Mrs. Bruce was a kind and gentle lady, and proved a true and sympathizing friend.  Before the stipulated month expired, the necessity of passing up and down stairs frequently, caused my limbs to swell so painfully, that I became unable to perform my duties.  Many ladies would have thoughtlessly discharged me; but Mrs. Bruce made arrangements to save me steps, and employed a physician to attend upon me.  I had not yet told her that I was a fugitive slave.  She noticed that I was often sad, and kindly inquired the cause.  I spoke of being separated from my children, and from relatives who were dear to me; but I did not mention the constant feeling of insecurity which oppressed my spirits.  I longed for some one to confide it; but I had been so deceived by white people, that I had lost all confidence in them.  If they spoke kind words to me, I thought it was for some selfish purpose.  I had entered this family with the distrustful feelings I had brought with me out of slavery; but ere six months had passed, I found that the gentle deportment of Mrs. Bruce and the smiles of her lovely babe were thawing my chilled heart.  My narrow mind also began to expand under the influences of her intelligent conversation, and the opportunities for reading, which were gladly allowed me whenever I had leisure from my duties.  I gradually became more energetic and more cheerful.

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