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This eBook from the Gutenberg Project consists of approximately 16 pages of information about Gems of Poetry, for Girls and Boys.


  If I should be poor and sick,
    I shall meet, I hope, with pity;
  Since I love to help the weak,
    Though they’re neither fair nor witty.

  I’ll not willingly offend,
    Nor be easily offended;
  What’s amiss I’ll strive to mend,
    And endure what can’t be mended.


[Illustration:  M]

  My father, my mother, I know,
    I cannot your kindness repay;
  But I hope that, as older I grow,
    I shall learn your commands to obey.

  You loved me before I could tell
    Who it was that so tenderly smiled;
  But now that I know it so well,
    I should be a dutiful child.

  I am sorry that ever I should
    Be naughty and give you a pain;
  I hope I shall learn to be good,
    And so never grieve you again.

  But, for fear that I should dare
    From all your commands to depart,
  Whenever I’m saying my prayer
    I’ll ask for a dutiful heart.


[Illustration:  L]

  Let them sing of bright red gold;
    Let them sing of silver fair;
  Sing of all that’s on the earth,
    All that’s in the air;
  All that’s in the sunny air,
    All that’s in the sea;
  And I’ll sing a song as rare,
    Of the apple-tree!

  The red-bloomed apple-tree;
  The red-cheeked apple-tree;
  That’s the tree for you and me,
    The ripe, rosy apple-tree!

  Learned men have learned books,
    Which they ponder night and day;
  Easier leaves than theirs I read,—­
    Blossoms pink and white;
  Blossom-leaves all pink and white,
    Wherein I can see
  Charactered, as clear as light,
    The old apple-tree;

  The gold-cheeked apple-tree;
  The red-streaked apple-tree;
  All the fruit that groweth on
    The ripe, rosy apple-tree!

[Illustration:  W]

  Winter comes, as winter will,
    Bringing dark days, frost and rime;
  But the apple is in vogue
    At the Christmas-time;
  At the merry Christmas-time
    Folks are full of glee;
  Then they bring out apples prime,
    Of the primest tree;

  Then you the roast apple see,
  While they toast the apple-tree,
  Singing, with a jolly chime,
    Of the brave old apple-tree!


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