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in thy Light, and in thy Temple bend. 
                See thy bright Altars throng’d with prostrate Kings,
                And heap’d with Products of Sabaean Springs! [13]
                For thee Idume’s spicy Forests blow;
                And seeds of Gold in Ophir’s Mountains glow. 
                See Heav’n its sparkling Portals wide display,
                And break upon thee in a Flood of Day! 
                No more the rising Sun shall gild the Morn, [14]
                Nor Evening Cynthia fill her silver Horn,
                But lost, dissolv’d in thy superior Rays;
                One Tide of Glory, one unclouded Blaze
                O’erflow thy Courts:  The LIGHT HIMSELF shall shine
                Reveal’d; and God’s eternal Day be thine! 
                The Seas shall waste, the Skies in Smoke decay; [15]
                Rocks fall to Dust, and Mountains melt away;
                But fix’d His Word, His saving Pow’r remains: 
                Thy Realm for ever lasts! thy own Messiah reigns.


[Footnote 1:  Thus far Steele.]

[Footnote 2:  [hollow’d]]

[Footnote 3: 

  [Before him Death, the grisly Tyrant, flies;
  He wipes the Tears for ever from our Eyes.]

This was an alteration which Steele had suggested, and in which young
Pope had acquiesced.  Steele wrote: 

I have turned to every verse and chapter, and think you have preserved the sublime, heavenly spirit throughout the whole, especially at “Hark a glad voice,” and “The lamb with wolves shall graze.”  There is but one line which I think is below the original: 

    He wipes the tears for ever from our eyes.

You have expressed it with a good and pious but not so exalted and poetical a spirit as the prophet:  The Lord God shall wipe away tears from off all faces.  If you agree with me in this, alter it by way of paraphrase or otherwise, that when it comes into a volume it may be amended.]

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* * * * *

No. 379.  Thursday, May 15, 1712.  Budgell.

  ‘Scire tuum nihil est nisi te scire hoc sciat alter.’


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