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    This is for madam mary norton disforth Lady she went to York.

Madam Mary.  Deare loving sweet lady, i hope you are well.  Do not go to london, for they will put you in the nunnery; and heed not Mrs. Lucy what she saith to you, for she will ly and ceat you. go from to another Place, and we will gate wed so with speed, mind what i write to you, for if they gate you to london they will keep you there; and so let us gate wed, and we will both go. so if you go to london, you rueing your self, so heed not what none of them saith to you. let us gate wed, and we shall lie to gader any time. i will do any thing for you to my poore. i hope the devill will faile them all, for a hellish Company there be. from there cursed trick and mischiefus ways good lord bless and deliver both you and me.

    I think to be at york the 24 day.

    This is for madam mary norton to go to london for a lady that
    belongs to dishforth.

Madam Mary, i hope you are well, i am soary that you went away from York, deare loving sweet lady, i writt to let you know that i do remain faithful; and if can let me know where i can meet you, i will wed you, and I will do any thing to my poor; for you are a good woman, and will be a loving Misteris. i am in troubel for you, so if you will come to york i will wed you. so with speed come, and i will have none but you. so, sweet love, heed not what to say to me, and with speed come:  heed not what none of them say to you; your Maid makes you believe ought.

    So deare love think of Mr. george Nillson with speed; i sent you 2
    or 3 letters before.

    I gave misteris elcock some nots, and thay put me in pruson all the
    night for me pains, and non new whear i was, and i did gat cold.

But it is for mrs.  Lucy to go a good way from home, for in york and round about she is known; to writ any more her deeds, the same will tell hor soul is black within, hor corkis stinks of hell.  March 19th, 1706.


[Footnote 1:  This paper is No. 328 in the original issue, but Steele omitted it from the reprint and gave in its place the paper by Addison which here stands next to it marked with the same number, 328.  The paper of Addison’s had formed no part of the original issue.  Of the original No. 328 Steele inserted a censure at the end of No. 330.]

[Footnote 2:  See No. 324.]

[Footnote 3:  In some counties 20, in some 24, and in others 30 acres of Land.]

* * * * *

No. 328.  Monday, March 17, 1712.  Addison.

  Nullum me a labore reclinat otium.



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