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pen and paper hoping sometime I shall come and see you all face to face.  I shall not come with a sword in my hand nor a gun nor a fine feather in my cap flying about.  I shall come with a nice book in my hand or a roll of paper and tell you some good news.  It did not take quite all that money to buy my suit, so my sisters have got a little shawl apiece.  They have not quite worn out their sixpenny bonnets.


* * * * *

Dear Children:—­

I have read these letters to you just as Josiah wrote them.  He is now about 12 years old, “working with two hammers, one with his foot, the other with his hand, striking off nails as fast as he can.”  But I should like to compare his writing with the writing of any little boys and girls of his age, that meet in our school-room.  He has no nice desk to write on; his pens and ink are such as he can get.  There were no pen and ink in his father’s house three years ago; for no one could make letters there when you sent Josiah to school.  You see his care for his little sisters.  It did not take all the two gold sovereigns we sent him first to pay for his suit of clothes; it would have done, if he had determined to buy himself a nicer suit.  But he remembered his sisters lovingly, and gave part of his money to buy each of them a shawl; and pretty nice shawls they were, we have not the slightest doubt, and took a considerable part of the money you sent him.  He knew you were kind to him, but he did not think you would remember his sisters too, and send them something to make them warm and comfortable through the winter.  They have received before this time the two sovereigns, or ten dollars, which you contributed for their New Year’s present.  How I wish that all of you who sent in your half dimes for them, could look in upon that nailer’s family circle when they open the letter and see two bright gold sovereigns for the little ones.  The baby will crow a little at that, and the mother, who dropped her head and wiped her eyes, as Josiah read to her out of the Citizen about that little girl in Newton, who went without milk so long that he might have a suit of clothes for Christmas, will drop her head again, but she will cry for joy, and there will be hopping up and down for the space of fifteen minutes, I reckon, and Josiah’s black eyes will twinkle with the gladness in his heart; and the neighbor’s children will know it all before the news is two hours old, and then you will have another letter from Josiah; and may be his oldest sister will try her hand at a few marks for you.

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