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John Bourne
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Teeth of wheels. 
Telescope chimneys. 
Tender of a locomotive, description of,
  attachment of, to engine. 
Thrashing corn, power necessary for. 
Throttle valve, description of. 
Thrust of the screw propeller, modes of receiving. 
Thrust plummer block. 
Tires of locomotive wheels. 
Traction on railways. 
Trunk engine by Messrs. Rennie, disadvantages of. 
Trunk engines by Messrs. Penn. 
Trunnions of oscillating engines, description of,
  strength proper for;
  details of. 
Trunnion packing. 
Trunnion plummer blocks. 
Tube plates, mode of staying. 
Tube plates of modern locomotives. 
Tubes of modern locomotive boilers. 
Tubes of boilers, how to sweep clean of soot. 
Tubing of boilers. 
Tubing locomotive boilers.

Valve, atmospheric. 
Valve casing, description of. 
Valve casing should have expansion joint. 
Valve and valve casing of oscillating engine. 
Valve delivery, description of,
  action of
Valve, equilibrium slide. 
Valve, foot, description of,
  action of. 
Valve gear of Watt’s engine,
  action of. 
Valve gear of oscillating engine. 
Valve, gridiron. 
Valve, slide. See Slide Valve. 
Valve, slide, how to finish. 
Valves, ball,
  Belidor’s might be used for foot and delivery valves;
  butterfly, of air pump;
  concentric ring, for air pump bucket. 
Valves, equilibrium. 
Valves, escape, for cylinders. 
Valves, expansion. See Expansion Valves. 
Valves of feed pumps. 
Valves, india rubber, for air pump. 
Valves, Kingston’s. 
Valves of locomotives, how to set. 
Valves, pot-lid, of air pump. 
Vacuum, meaning of,
  nature and uses of;
  how maintained in engines. 
Vacuum sometimes occurs in boilers,
  evils of a vacuum in boilers. 
Vacuum, velocity with which air rushes into a. 
Vacuum gauge,
Velocity of air entering a vacuum. 
Velocity of falling bodies. 
Vent of boilers, definition of. 
Vessels, resistance of,
  mainly made up of friction in good forms;
  experiments on;
  influence of size.
Vis viva, or mechanical power.

Waste steam pipe. 
Waste water pipe. 
Water required for condensation,
  pumps for supplying. 
Watt’s double acting engine, description of. 
Wheels, toothed, for screw engines. 
Wheels, teeth of. 
Wheels of locomotives, adhesion of. 
Wheels, driving, of locomotives. 
Wheel tires. 
Wheels and axles of modern locomotives. 
Wood, experiments on friction by. 
Wood, evaporative efficacy of. 
Woodman’s steam pump. 
Woodruff & Beach’s steam engine. 
Working beam of land engine, description of. 
Worthington’s steam pump,
  duplex pump.


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