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John Bourne
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lamps and, torches, for tunnels and for night, detonating signals, screw keys, a small tank of oil, a small cask of tallow, and a small box of waste, a coal hammer, a chipping hammer, some wooden and iron plugs for the tubes, and an iron tube holder for inserting them, one or two buckets, a screw jack, wooden and iron wedges, split wire for pins, spare cutters, some chisels and files, a pinch bar, oil cans and an oil syringe, a chain, some spare bolts, and some cord, spun yarn, and rope.


Accidents in steam vessels, proper preparation for. 
Admiralty rule for horse power. 
Adhesion of wheels of locomotives to rails. 
Air, velocity of, entering a vacuum,
  required for combustion of coal;
  law of expansion of, by heat;
Air pump, description of,
  action of;
  proper dimensions of. 
Air pump of marine engines, details of. 
Air pump of oscillating engine. 
Air pump of direct acting screw engines. 
Air pumps made both single and double acting,
  difference of, explained. 
Air pumps, double acting valves of,
  bad vacuum in;
  causes and remedy. 
Air pump rods, brass or copper, in marine engines. 
Air pump bucket, valves of. 
Air pump, connecting rod and cross head of oscillating engine. 
Air pump rod of oscillating engine. 
Air pump arm. 
Air vessels applied to suction side of pumps. 
“Alma,” engine of, by Messrs. John Bourne & Co. 
“Amphion,” engines of. 
Amoskeag steam fire engine. 
Angle iron in boilers, precautions respecting. 
Apparatus for raising screw propeller. 
Atmospheric valve. 
Atmospheric resistance to railway trains. 
Auxiliary power, screw vessels with. 
Axle bearings of locomotives. 
Axle guards. 
Axles and wheels of modern locomotives. 
“Azof,” slide valve of.

Babbitt’s metal, how to compound. 
Balance piston to take pressure off slide valve. 
Ball valves. 
Barrel of boiler of modern locomotives. 
Beam, working of land engine,
  main or working strength proper for. 
Bearings of engines or other machinery,
  rule for determining proper surface of. 
Bearings, heating of, how to prevent or remedy,
  journals should always bottom, as, if they grip
    on the sides, the pressure is infinite. 
Beattie’s screw. 
Belidor’s valves might be used for foot and delivery valves. 
Bell-metal, composition of. 
Blast pipe of locomotives, description of. 
Blast in locomotives, exhaustion produced by,
  proper construction of the blast pipe;
  the blast pipe should be set below the root of
    the chimney so much that the cone of escaping steam shall just fill the
Blast pipe with variable orifice, at one time much used. 
Blow-off cock of locomotives. 
Blow-off cocks of marine boilers, proper construction of. 
Blow-off cocks, description of. 

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