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Sheffield, reception given to Lord John Russell,
Sherman, General,
Shooting, Lady Russell on,
Simpson, Sir James, letter to Lady John Russell,
Sinclair, Mrs.,
  letter to Rollo Russell,
Slave question, the,
  the Jamaica Bill,
Smith, John Abel—­
  Letter from Lord John,
  letters to Lady Russell,
  his fears for Lord John’s seat,
Smith, Sydney,
  “Life and Letters,”
Soult, Marshal,
  at the coronation,
South Africa,
  Napoleon on,
  Napoleon’s policy towards,
  Prince Leopold’s candidature,
Spaventa, in England,
Speculative Society of Edinburgh University,
Spencer, Herbert,
  “The Bias of Patriotism,”
Spencer, (2nd) Earl, death,
Spencer, (4th) Earl, Letter to Lady John,
Spencer, (5th) Earl,
Stanley, Dean, pamphlet,
  letter to Lady Russell,
Stanley, Lady Augusta,
Stanley, Lord, afterwards 15th Lord Derby,
  and the franchise,
Stockmar, Baron,
  Gladstone’s estimation,
Sugar question, Lord John Russell’s speech
Sumner, Charles
Swanwick, Miss Anna
Swift, Dean, on lies, quoted
  visits of the Russells
Sydenham, Lord, on Lord John Russell’s sugar speech

Talleyrand, Napoleon and
Taylor, Jeremy
Taylor, Sir Henry—­
  Visit to Pembroke Lodge
  “Philip van Artevelde”
  a picture of Lady Russell
  letter from Lady Russell
Tennyson, Alfred
  Aldworth taken by Lord Russell
  death of
  “Life of Tennyson” his son
Test and Corporation Acts, repeal
Thackeray, “Sterne” and “Goldsmith”
Times, The—­
  Lord Melbourne’s dismissal
  and Palmerston
  Rollo Russell’s letter
  on the state of America
  Lord Russell’s letter
  publication of the secret document
Tory Party—­
  Breaking up of
  position in 1843
  influence of Lord Derby on
Trent, the, Confederate emissaries seized
Trevelyan, Mr., and the Chartists
Trevelyan, Sir George, “Life of Macaulay,” cited
Tuileries, the clock incident
  a dinner at
Turin, the Parliament of 1860
  Events leading to the Crimean War
  the Herzegovina insurgents
  Lady Russell on
Tyndall, Mrs.
Tyndall, Professor

Unionists, Lady Russell on the
United States, European policy towards
Unsted Wood, 70

Vattel, jurist, quoted
Venetia, and the Federation
  cession to Italy
Vestris, Mme.
Victor Emmanuel—­
  and the Peace of Villafranca
  and Garibaldi
  King of Italy
  entry into Venice
Victoria, Queen—­
  First Parliament
  and Peel
  Court balls
  and Lord John Russell
  on events in France
  the Chartist movement
  letter to Lord John Russell regarding the public prayer
  at Balmoral

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