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Anti-Corn Law League bazaar at Manchester
Armenian refugees at Pembroke Lodge
Arrow, the, coasting vessel
Athanasian Creed, the
Aumale, Duc d’
Austen, Jane
  Influence in Germany
  unpopularity of the Government
  and Denmark
  Palmerston’s policy towards
  Conference of Vienna
  proposals of, and resignation of Lord John Russell
  and Italy
  after Solferino
  Peace of Villafranca
  and the proposed Congress at Zurich
  Prussian war on
  cession of Venetia
  cause of the Franco-German War
Azeglio, Marquis d’, Piedmontese Minister

  Lord John Russell at
Baring, Mr., Chancellor of the Exchequer
  tariff proposals
Beaumont, Lord
Bedford, (6th) Duke of
Bedford, (7th) Duke of,
  letters from Lord Russell
  visit of Lord and Lady John Russell
  on the attacks on Lord John
  letter from Lady John
Bedford, (9th) Duke of
Bennett, Rev. W.J.E., of St. Paul’s
Berlin, Lord Minto appointed Minister
Bernard, Dr., acquitted
Bernstorff, Count
Berrys, the Miss
Bessborough, Lord, Irish opinions
  on the Coercion Bill
  bombs manufactured in
Bismarck, Count—­
  In Berlin
  and Palmerston
  declares war on Austria
  the Franco-German War
Blyth, Miss Lilian [Mrs. Wilfred Praeger]
  letter from Lady Russell
Blyth, Rev. F.C. 
Bognor, news of Reform at
Boileau, Mr., letters to Lady Melgund
Bonaparte, Louis
Bourbons, the
  Napoleon’s questions concerning
Bowood, Lady John Russell at
Bowring, Sir John, cause of the war with China
Braico, Dr. Cesare
Brazil, Emperor of, at Pembroke Lodge
Bright, John—­
  Defeat of
  at Chesham Place
  and Reform
  letter to Lady Russell
  otherwise mentioned
British and Foreign School Society
Broadstairs, visit of the Russells
Brooke, Rev. A. Stopford,
  letter to Lady Agatha Russell
  news of Lord John’s acceptance of the Colonial Seals
Brougham, Lord—­
  and Lord Melbourne’s dismissal
  and the Corn Law
  and William IV
Browning, Robert
Brunow, Baron, Russian ambassador
Bryant, W.C. 
Bryce, Mr. James, letter to Lady Agatha Russell
Brydone, Mrs., death
Buccleuch, Duke of
  lends Bowhill to Lord John
  on Disraeli
Buehler, Miss
  letters from Lady Russell
Buller, Charles
Buol, Count, Austrian Minister
Burdett, Sir Francis, and Lord John Russell
Burnet, Bishop
Burns, Robert
Byron, Lady
Byron, Lord
  “Childe Harold,” quoted

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