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business man.  And that’s all I was.  I never understood till I heard her talking when she was so sick, and I believe if you’d heard her then you wouldn’t speak so hard-heartedly about her; I believe you might have forgiven her like I have.  That’s all.  I never cared anything for any girl but her in my life, but I was so busy with business I put it ahead of her.  I never thought about her, I was so busy thinking business.  Well, this is where it’s brought us to—­and now when you talk about ‘business’ to me I feel the way you do when anybody talks about Gurney to you.  The word ‘business’ makes me dizzy—­it makes me honestly sick at the stomach.  I believe if I had to go down-town and step inside that office door I’d fall down on the floor, deathly sick.  You talk about a ’month’s vacation’—­and I get just as sick.  I’m rattled—­I can’t plan—­I haven’t got any plans—­can’t make any, except to take my girl and get just as far away from that office as I can—­and stay.  We’re going to Japan first, and if we—­”

His father rustled the paper.  “I said good-by, Roscoe.”

“Good-by,” said Roscoe, listlessly.


Sheridan waited until he heard the sound of the outer door closing; then he rose and pushed a tiny disk set in the wall.  Jackson appeared.

“Has Bibbs got home from work?”

“Mist’ Bibbs?  No, suh.”

“Tell him I want to see him, soon as he comes.”


Sheridan returned to his chair and fixed his attention fiercely upon the newspaper.  He found it difficult to pursue the items beyond their explanatory rubrics—­there was nothing unusual or startling to concentrate his attention: 

  “Motorman Puts Blame on Brakes.  Three Killed when Car Slides.” 
  “Burglars Make Big Haul.” 
  “Board Works Approve Big Car-line Extension.” 
  “Hold-up Men Injure Two.  Man Found in Alley, Skull Fractured.” 
  “Sickening Story Told in Divorce Court.” 
  “Plan New Eighteen-story Structure.” 
  “School-girl Meets Death under Automobile.” 
  “Negro Cuts Three.  One Dead.” 
  “Life Crushed Out.  Third Elevator Accident in Same Building Causes
    Action by Coroner.” 
  “Declare Militia will be Menace.  Polish Societies Protest to
    Governor in Church Rioting Case.” 
  “Short $3,500 in Accounts, Trusted Man Kills Self with Drug.” 
  “Found Frozen.  Family Without Food or Fuel.  Baby Dead when
    Parents Return Home from Seeking Work.” 
  “Minister Returned from Trip Abroad Lectures on Big Future of Our
    City.  Sees Big Improvement during Short Absence.  Says No
    European City Holds Candle.” (Sheridan nodded approvingly here.)

Bibbs came through the hall whistling, and entered the room briskly.  “Well, father, did you want me?”

“Yes.  Sit down.”  Sheridan got up, and Bibbs took a seat by the fire, holding out his hands to the crackling blaze, for it was cold outdoors.

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