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VIVIE.  At Honoria Fraser’s chambers, 67 Chancery Lane, for the rest of my life. [She goes off quickly in the opposite direction to that taken by Crofts].

FRANK.  But I say—­wait—­dash it! [He runs after her].


[Honoria Fraser’s chambers in Chancery Lane.  An office at the top of New Stone Buildings, with a plate-glass window, distempered walls, electric light, and a patent stove.  Saturday afternoon.  The chimneys of Lincoln’s Inn and the western sky beyond are seen through the window.  There is a double writing table in the middle of the room, with a cigar box, ash pans, and a portable electric reading lamp almost snowed up in heaps of papers and books.  This table has knee holes and chairs right and left and is very untidy.  The clerk’s desk, closed and tidy, with its high stool, is against the wall, near a door communicating with the inner rooms.  In the opposite wall is the door leading to the public corridor.  Its upper panel is of opaque glass, lettered in black on the outside, FRASER AND WARREN.  A baize screen hides the corner between this door and the window.]

[Frank, in a fashionable light-colored coaching suit, with his stick, gloves, and white hat in his hands, is pacing up and down in the office.  Somebody tries the door with a key.]

FRANK [calling] Come in.  It’s not locked.

[Vivie comes in, in her hat and jacket.  She stops and stares at him.]

VIVIE [sternly] What are you doing here?

FRANK.  Waiting to see you.  I’ve been here for hours.  Is this the way you attend to your business? [He puts his hat and stick on the table, and perches himself with a vault on the clerk’s stool, looking at her with every appearance of being in a specially restless, teasing, flippant mood].

VIVIE.  I’ve been away exactly twenty minutes for a cup of tea. [She takes off her hat and jacket and hangs them behind the screen].  How did you get in?

FRANK.  The staff had not left when I arrived.  He’s gone to play cricket on Primrose Hill.  Why don’t you employ a woman, and give your sex a chance?

VIVIE.  What have you come for?

FRANK [springing off the stool and coming close to her] Viv:  lets go and enjoy the Saturday half-holiday somewhere, like the staff.

What do you say to Richmond, and then a music hall, and a jolly supper?

VIVIE.  Can’t afford it.  I shall put in another six hours work before I go to bed.

FRANK.  Can’t afford it, can’t we?  Aha!  Look here. [He takes out a handful of sovereigns and makes them chink].  Gold, Viv:  gold!

VIVIE.  Where did you get it?

FRANK.  Gambling, Viv:  gambling.  Poker.

VIVIE.  Pah!  It’s meaner than stealing it.  No:  I’m not coming. [She sits down to work at the table, with her back to the glass door, and begins turning over the papers].

FRANK [remonstrating piteously] But, my dear Viv, I want to talk to you ever so seriously.

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