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I rushed to the side, and stared over; but nothing met my gaze, except the shadow of the ship, sweeping over the moonlit sea.

How long I stared down blankly into the water, it would be impossible to say; certainly for a good minute.  I felt blank—­just horribly blank.  It was such a beastly confirmation of the unnaturalness of the thing I had concluded to be only a sort of brain fancy.  I seemed, for that little time, deprived, you know, of the power of coherent thought.  I suppose I was dazed—­mentally stunned, in a way.

As I have said, a minute or so must have gone, while I had been staring into the dark of the water under the ship’s side.  Then, I came suddenly to my ordinary self.  The Second Mate was singing out:  “Lee fore brace.”

I went to the braces, like a chap in a dream.


What Tammy the ’Prentice Saw

The next morning, in my watch below, I had a look at the places where that strange thing had come aboard, and left the ship; but I found nothing unusual, and no clue to help me to understand the mystery of the strange man.

For several days after that, all went quietly; though I prowled about the decks at night, trying to discover anything fresh that might tend to throw some light on the matter.  I was careful to say nothing to any one about the thing I had seen.  In any case, I felt sure I should only have been laughed at.

Several nights passed away in this manner, and I was no nearer to an understanding of the affair.  And then, in the middle watch, something happened.

It was my wheel.  Tammy, one of the first voyage ’prentices, was keeping time—­walking up and down the lee side of the poop.  The Second Mate was forrard, leaning over the break of the poop, smoking.  The weather still continued fine, and the moon, though declining, was sufficiently powerful to make every detail about the poop, stand out distinctly.  Three bells had gone, and I’ll admit I was feeling sleepy.  Indeed, I believe I must have dozed, for the old packet steered very easily, and there was precious little to do, beyond giving her an odd spoke now and again.  And then, all at once, it seemed to me that I heard someone calling my name, softly.  I could not be certain; and first I glanced forrard to where the Second stood, smoking, and from him, I looked into the binnacle.  The ship’s head was right on her course, and I felt easier.  Then, suddenly, I heard it again.  There was no doubt about it this time, and I glanced to leeward.  There I saw Tammy reaching over the steering gear, his hand out, in the act of trying to touch my arm.  I was about to ask him what the devil he wanted, when he held up his finger for silence, and pointed forrard along the lee side of the poop.  In the dim light, his face showed palely, and he seemed much agitated.  For a few seconds, I stared in the direction he indicated, but could see nothing.

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