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in the semi-final of the Championship.  Miss Wilson (as she then was) started well and won the first set 6/3, the second went to me at 6/4, and the third set seemed as if it would go to either of us in turn.  Everything went well for me till I actually got to 5/1 and it was 15/40 on her service; then I lost two points quite easily—­those winning shots are so hard to make!  And at deuce we had a tremendous rally, which ended in a good side-line shot by my opponent that I couldn’t get to and didn’t even try.  The linesman called “out,” which I contradicted, and general confusion took place, the spectators joining in the fray—­and it all arose through the ball being given “out” in the middle of the long rally when a train was passing, and we neither of us heard it.  I never knew the explanation till after the match and was quite convinced I had “sneaked” the point, and somehow I went all to pieces, and everything went as badly as it had gone well before, till Miss Wilson crept up to 6/5.  Then I made an expiring effort just in time.  I dare say she was tired, for I won that game fairly easily.  We had a great fight for the thirteenth, which I fortunately won, and finished the match with a love game.  And no one was more surprised than I.

[Signature:  A.M.  Morton.]


(East of England Champion, 1903, 1905)

It is difficult to decide on the most memorable match one has ever played.  Each in turn seems at the time to be the most important.  One which I found very exciting at the time was against Mrs. Luard in the final for the Cup at Felixstowe.  I won the first set 6/3, and led 5/1 and 40/30 in the next, when Mrs. Luard sent me a short easy ball—­a certain “kill” at any other time.  I sent it out.  Four times after that I was within a point of the match, but could not quite pull it off, and Mrs. Luard, playing up brilliantly, not only won that set, but led 5/2 in the third.  Then I made a final effort, and though it was always touch-and-go I managed to make it 6/5.  In the next game Mrs. Luard was 40-love, but after a great struggle I got it, and so won the match, though it was anybody’s game to the end.

[Signature:  A.N.G.  Greene.]



  All England Club
  Athletics for girls
  Austin, Miss


  Back-hand drive
  Baddeley, Mr. W.
  Barrett, Mr. Roper
  Beau Site, Hotel


  Championship, the
  Chipp, Mr. H.
  Chiswick Park
  “Complete Lawn Tennis Player, The”
  Cooper, Miss C. (see also Sterry, Mrs.)


  Dod, Miss
  Doherty, Mr. R.F. 
  Douglass, Miss D.K. 
  Durlacher, Mrs.
  Dyas, Miss

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