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P.S.—­Sunday.  I missed the post last night.  We did spend a boring evening doing nothing, not even dummy whist, like at Aunt Maria’s, and I was so tired hearing the two old ladies talking over the idiots they had seen at the Asylum, that I was thankful when half-past ten came.  As for to-day, I am glad it is the last one I shall spend here.  There is a settled gloom over everything, a sort of Sunday feeling that makes one eat too much lunch.  Mr. Trench had been allowed to conduct the service in the chapel this morning, and Lady Carriston kept tapping her foot all the time with annoyance at all his little tricks, and once or twice, when he was extra go-ahead, I heard her murmuring to herself “Ridiculous!” and “Scandalous!” What will she do when he is her son-in-law?

Adeline and Miss Garnons knelt whenever they could, and as long as they could, and took off their gloves and folded their hands.  I think Adeline hates Miss Garnons, because she is allowed to cross herself; and of course Adeline daren’t, with her mother there.

After tea Charlie managed to get up quite close to me in a corner, and he said in a low voice that I was “a stunner,” and that if I would just “give him the tip,” he’d “chuck Cora to-morrow;” that I “could give her fits!” And if that is an English proposal, Mamma, I would much rather have the Vicomte’s or the Marquis’s.

We are coming by the evening train to-morrow; so till then good-bye.—­Your affectionate daughter, Elizabeth.


Chevenix Castle,

8th November.

[Sidenote:  Chevenix Castle]

Dearest Mamma,—­I am sure I shall enjoy myself here.  The train was so late, and only two other people were coming by it besides me, so we all drove up in the omnibus together.  One was a man, and the other a woman, and she glared at me, and fussed her maid so about her dressing-bag, and it was such a gorgeous affair, and they had such quantities of luggage, and the only thing they said on the drive up was how cold it was, and they wondered when we should get there.  And when we did arrive, there was only just time to rush up and dress for dinner; all the other people had come by an earlier train.  I left them both in the care of the groom of the chambers, as even Cousin Octavia had gone upstairs, and there was not a soul about, but she had left a message for me; and while Agnes was clawing the things out of the trunks, I went to her room.

She was just having her hair done, but she did not mind a bit, and was awfully glad to see me.  She is a dear.  Her hair is as dark as anything underneath, but all the outside is a bright red.  She says it is much more attractive like that, but it does look odd before the front thing is on, and that is a fuzzy bit in a net, like what Royalties have.  And then she has lots of twist-things round at the back, and although it doesn’t look at

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