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5.  How can parents save money now being wasted on stomach troubles, and at the same time lay the foundation for good health in their children and themselves?  Give at least one way.


Nerve Leaks


Reference:  The foregoing lecture by Dr. Tyler.

1.  What are two good evidences of a perfectly healthy nervous system?

2.  Physicians tell us that nerve diseases are increasing at an alarming rate in our country.  What is the greatest cause for this increase?

3.  What home habits have you noticed that lead to nervousness?  Discuss here the effects of scolding, hurrying, talking, noise, lack of system, as “nerve leaks.”

4.  What practical suggestion would you offer to parents to help them to bring control, calm and harmony into their daily lives—­to make their homes more places of rest and peace?

5.  What ways can we take to conserve and strengthen the nerves of our children?  Through what habits of life are we helping to wreck their nerves?


Child Growth


1.  Discuss the varying stages of child growth, their rapidity, the critical periods, etc.

2.  Growth means waste.  By what means does the body get rid of the waste that comes with growth and change?

3.  What are some of the ill effects of keeping this waste in the system?  Give your experiences and observations with children.

4.  When is the child’s blood likely to be most loaded with the waste caused by growth?  How can we best help the boy or girl to clear the system of this waste?  What mistakes are we making in this vital matter?

5.  What practical suggestions would you give to our parents, teachers, and communities to help them safeguard their children during dangerous periods, and keep their pioneer blood clean and pure?



Dr. John M. Tyler

The boy and the girl during adolescence have now attained their full height and practically their full weight, although the boy has a little to gain still; they are pretty well grown by this time.  If I had to choose between two questions, the first might be, “Have you a good appetite?” but the second question I would ask is, “What is your lung capacity?” The lungs have increased very rapidly at fourteen to sixteen in the boy; in the girl the increase has been smaller and quite irregular.  It ought to be more regular than it is, I am convinced.  The heart has gained greatly in capacity.  The arteries have expanded much less than the heart, and the result

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