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I have talked very plainly this morning and I hope you will forgive me.  You may say, “We don’t need that talk now.”  I hope you don’t.  You will need it in a generation or two; I don’t care how strong that pioneer blood was which has come down to your first generation here, we had just as good in Massachusetts a hundred or a hundred and fifty years ago, but we are getting rid of it just as fast as we can, the Lord forgive us; and you will do that here if you don’t look out.  If you have strong, red blood, hold on to it; because that is the grandest gift of God to man; it is a treasure which must be handed down unimpaired from generation to generation, that our boys and girls may be strong and efficient for the work of life which lies before them.


(General Subject:  “Conservation of the Child,” read carefully the foregoing lecture by Dr. Tyler.)

The Body as an Instrument of the Soul


1.  What are the teachings of the Latter-day Saints regarding the relation of the body to the soul?

2.  In the light of these teachings, what is demanded of every Latter-day Saint as to the treatment of his body?  How are we living up to these teachings?

3.  What are the four essential things we must do to keep the body engine described by Dr. Tyler, in perfect condition?

4.  What would you think of an engineer who fed his engine dirt with his coal, or let his draughts and flues clog with soot, or failed to remove the clinkers, or let his engine get dusty and rusty?  In what similar ways are people neglecting their bodies?

5.  Discuss this as a health maxim:  Clean food, clean air, clean water, clean thoughts, and clean consciences.

6.  What was the Savior’s constant command to the sick?

7.  Give one practical suggestion as to training children to take proper care of their God-given bodies—­of keeping them clean, both inside and out.


The Foundation of Health


Reference:  The foregoing lecture by Dr. Tyler.

1.  Discuss Dr. Tyler’s remark:  “The stomach is the foundation of all greatness.”

2.  Name three home habits which, in your opinion, are doing most to ruin the stomachs, especially of children?

3.  Discuss the “piecing habit,” the “sweetmeat craze,” irregularity of meals, and the “hurrying habit,” as applied to disorders of the stomach.

4.  Someone said recently that people are paying more to-day to cure their stomachs from ills brought on by bad habits in eating than they are to build churches, schools and all other public improvements put together.  Discuss the assertion.

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