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Then, after a time, the brain comes to the front and grows and develops more rapidly than any other part of the body.  Our business as teachers is always so to stimulate, by proper exercise, the growing organs that they shall grow faster and further than they ever could without our aid.  We are not to always hasten it.  This is one thing we must bear in mind:  precocity is the worst foe of a sound education.  It is the boy and the girl who mature slowly but mature surely that in the end possess the earth.  We must not hasten the process, but when we find the organ is ready to grow and develop, then we must give it adequate stimulus.  In other words, the stimulus must be of the right kind, and there must be just enough of it, just enough blood to stimulate the muscles, just as much study as will best stimulate the growing and very immature intellectual centers in the brain.  Then we will increase the stimulus as the power increases and demands the stronger exercise, and so stimulating the growing parts by adequate exercise, we bring one part after another up to such development that we have one harmonious whole of perfect health.

You remember that when the old deacon in Oliver Wendell Holmes’ poem started in to build the one-horse shay, he said, “Every shay that has ever been made has broken down, because there was always a weakest spot in it; now I am going to make a shay that never will break down, because I am going to make the weakest part just as strong as the rest.”  We cannot always do that, but if we can make that part somewhere near as strong as the rest, we are past masters in education.

If we obey Nature’s laws, all of her powers will be on our side; and with all her powers on our side and the very stars in their courses fighting for us, we cannot possibly fail, there is absolutely nothing which is impossible to us.  We must be strong and of good courage, if we are to guide these little people into the land sworn unto their fathers before them.



1.  What is meant by the expression, “Man’s partnership with Nature?” Illustrate how man makes Nature serve him.

2.  In what way can man enter into a partnership with Nature regarding his own body?

3.  What can man do best when it comes to making things grow?

4.  What do you think of the “hurry” methods in education?

5.  What is the most we can do in providing for the education of the child?

6.  How does Nature help us in the training process?

7.  What does Nature try to make sure of first in the child?

8.  When does the brain of the child begin to develop rapidly?

9.  What advice would you give about precocity in children?  Why?

10.  What should we study in our children to give them a strong and even development?


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