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Title:  Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 153, Oct. 17, 1917

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Vol. 153.

October 17, 1917.


The mutiny of the German sailors at Kiel is now explained.  They preferred death to another speech from the Kaiser.


A Constantinople poet has translated the plays of SHAKSPEARE into Turkish.  The rendering is said to be faithful to the text, and it is assumed that a keen appreciation of Turkey’s military necessities alone accounts for his reference to the “Swan of Avon” as the “Bulbul of Potsdam.”


The use of flour as an ingredient of sausages is now forbidden.  Young sausages which have hitherto been fed on bread and milk must either be broken to bones or killed for the table.


An optimist writes to express the hope that by this elimination of flour the dreadful secret of the sausage may be at last revealed.


The German Government has created a Pulp Commission.  We have always said they would be reduced to it in time.


The King of SIAM’S royal yacht has been turned into a cargo boat.  Reports that the Sacred White Elephant has been commandeered for use as a floating dock are still unconfirmed.


For giving corn to pheasants a fine of ten pounds has been inflicted on a merchant of New York (Lincs.) The removal en bloc of this village from the mouth of the Hudson river to its present site should finally convince the sceptics of the magnitude of America’s war effort.


The Vacant Land Cultivation Society offers a prize of ten shillings for the heaviest potato.  Some of our most notorious potato-tellers are expected to compete.


The provision of steel helmets for the Metropolitan Police is all right so far as it goes, but the Force is still asking why it cannot be furnished with some protection for its other extremities.

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