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FOOTNOTES [1] Letters from the Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Everyman edition, 422.

[2] Tatler, Nos. 32, 59, 63.

[3] See also Horace Walpole, Letters, edited by Mrs. P. Toynbee, I, 354.

[4] Only rarely did women like Mary Astell or Mrs. Elizabeth Rowe become authors to demonstrate a theory or to inculcate principles of piety, and still more seldom did such creditable motives lead to the writing of fiction.  Perhaps the only one of the romancieres not dependent in some measure upon the sale of her works was Mrs. Penelope Aubin, who in the Preface to Charlotta Du Pont (dedicated to Mrs. Rowe) declares, “My Design in writing, is to employ my leisure Hours to some Advantage to my self and others ...  I do not write for Bread.”

[5] The salacious landlady in Mrs. Lennox’s Henrietta tries to discourage the heroine from reading Joseph Andrews by recommending Mrs. Haywood’s works, “... ’there is Mrs. Haywood’s Novels, did you ever read them?  Oh! they are the finest love-sick, passionate stories; I assure you, you’ll like them vastly:  pray take a volume of Haywood upon my recommendation.’—­’Excuse me,’ said Henrietta,” etc. The Novelist’s Magazine (Harrison), XXIII, 14.




A. The Works of Mrs. Eliza Haywood; Consisting of Novels, Letters,
Poems, and Plays....  In Four Volumes.  For D. Browne Junr., and S.
Chapman. 1724. 8vo. 4 vols.

  Vol.  I. Love in Excess, ed. 5; Vol.  II.  The British Recluse, ed. 2,
  The Injur’d Husband, ed. 2, The Fair Captive, ed. 2 (ed.  I, Chicago);
  Vol.  III.  Idalia, ed. 2, Letters from a Lady of Quality to a
  Chevalier, ed. 2; Vol.  IV.  Lasselia, ed. 2, The Rash Resolve, ed. 2, A
  Wife to be Lett, Poems on Several Occasions. 
      B.M. (12611. ce. 20).  University of Chicago.  Daily Journal, 12
      Aug. 1723, 3 vols.; 31 Jan. 1724, 4 vols.

B. Secret Histories, Novels and Poems.  In Four Volumes.  Written by Mrs. Eliza Haywood....  For D. Browne, Jun., and S. Chapman. 1725. 12mo. 4 vols. 
      Daily Journal, 23 Dec. 1724, “just published.”

  [Another edition.] The Second Edition.  For D. Browne, Jun., and S.
  Chapman. 1725. 12mo. 4 vols. 
  Vol.  I. Love in Excess, ed. 6; Vol.  II.  The British Recluse, ed. 3,
  The Injur’d Husband, ed. 3, Poems on Several Occasions, ed. 2; Vol. 
  III.  Idalia, ed. 3, The Surprise, ed. 2, The Fatal Secret, ed. 3. 
  Fantomina; Vol.  IV.  The Rash Resolve, ed. 3, The Masqueraders,
  Lasselia, The Force of Nature. 
      B.M. (12612. ce. 8).  Yale.  Daily Post, 6 Aug. 1725, “lately

  [Another issue of Vols.  II, III.] For D. Browne, jun., and S. Chapman.
  1725. 12mo. 2 vols. 
  Vol.  I is a duplicate of Vol.  III, Vol.  II of Vol.  II of the preceding
      B.M. (12614. c. 14).

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