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[Footnote 12:  “U-tuc-cu-lim-nu,” evil spirit of the forehead.]

[Footnote 13:  “A-lu-u-lim-nu,” evil spirit of the breast.]

[Footnote 14:  “E-ci-mu-lim-nu,” evil spirit of the stomach.]

[Footnote 15:  “Gal-lu-u-lim-nu,” evil spirit of the hands.]

[Footnote 16:  “Khis-ib-ta,” a strip of parchment or linen on which was inscribed a holy text, a charm like that used by the Jews, a philactery.]

[Footnote 17:  “Sis-bu,” the same as the preceding.]

[Footnote 18:  “Sab-u-sat,” was perhaps a holy cloth, also inscribed in the same manner.]

[Footnote 19:  “Mus-u-kat,” was also of the same character as the preceding.]

[Footnote 20:  “Rad-bat-bands,” similar bands to the khis-ib-ta.]

[Footnote 21:  “Zik-a-man,” this is unknown, it perhaps was the inner garment.]

[Footnote 22:  “Bas-sat,” supposed to be the outside or last covering placed over the person so treated.  That some such ceremony was performed in the case of Izdubar seems to be undoubted.  See “Trans.  Soc.  Bib.  Arch.,” vol. ii. p. 31; also Sayce’s edition Smith’s “C.A. of G.,” p. 290.]



“O Mua! thou bright Waters of the Dawn! 
Oh, where art thou?” one cries as he doth run
Through the bright garden.  See! ’tis Izdubar! 
Immortal! glorious! our King of War! 
And now in love is seeking Mua here. 
He scarcely treads the ground as he comes near;
A glow of youth immortal on his cheek,
A form that sorrow, death, will never seek
Within these Happy Fields, his eyes with light
That Love alone may give, show his delight.

A dazzling pillared vista round him shines,
Where golden columns bear the bowering shrines,
With gemmed domes that clustering round him rise,
’Mid fruit-trees, flashing splendors to the skies. 
He goes through silver grots along a zone,
And now he passes yonder blazing throne,
O’er diamond pavements, passes shining seats
Whereon the high and holy conclave meets
To rule the empires vast that spread away
To utmost bounds in all their vast array. 
Around the whole expanse grand cestes spread
O’er paths sidereal unending lead. 
As circling wheels within a wheel they shine,
Enveloping the Fields with light divine. 
A noontide glorious of shining stars,
Where humming music rings from myriad cars,
Where pinioned multitudes their harps may tune,
And in their holy sanctity commune.

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