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2 The gods Assur, Nebo, and Merodach have conferred on
    me the royalty of the nations, and they have propagated
    the memory of my fortunate name to the ends of the earth. 
    I have followed the reformed precepts of Sippara, Nipur,
    Babylon, and Borsippa; I have amended the imperfections
    which the men of all laws had admitted.

3 I have reunited the dominions of Kalu, Ur, Orchoe, Erikhi,
    Larsa,[1] Kullab, Kisik, the dwelling-place of the god Laguda;
    I have subdued their inhabitants.  As to the laws
    of Sumer[2] and of the town of Harran, which had fallen
    into desuetude from the most ancient times, I have restored
    to fresh vigor their forgotten customs.

4 The great gods have made me happy by the constancy of
    their affection, they have granted me the exercise of my
    sovereignty over all kings; they have re-established obedience
    upon them all.  From the day of my accession there
    existed no princes who were my masters; I have not, in
    combats or battles, seen my victor.  I have crushed the
    territories of the rebels like straws, and I have struck them
    with the plagues of the four elements.  I have opened innumerable
    deep and very extensive forests, I have levelled
    their inequalities.  I have traversed winding and thick
    valleys, which were impenetrable, like a needle, and I
    passed in digging tanks dug on my way.

5 By the grace and power of the great gods, my Masters, I
    have flung my arms; by my force I have defeated my enemies. 
    I have ruled from Iatnan,[3] which is in the middle
    of the sea of the setting sun, to the frontiers of Egypt and
    of the country of the Moschians, over vast Phoenicia, the
    whole of Syria, the whole of guti muski[4] of distant Media,
    near the country of Bikni, to the country of Ellip, from Ras
    which borders upon Elam, to the banks of the Tigris, to
    the tribes of Itu, Rubu, Haril, Kaldud, Hauran, Ubul,
    Ruhua, of the Litai who dwell on the borders of the Surappi
    and the Ukne, Gambul, Khindar, and Pukud.[5] I have
    reigned over the suti hunters who are in the territory of
    Iatbur, in whatever it was as far as the towns of Samhun,
    Bab-Dur, Dur-Tilit, Khilikh, Pillat, Dunni-Samas, Bubi,
    Tell-Khumba, which are in the dependency of Elam,[6] and
    Kar-duniyas[7] Upper and Lower, of the countries of Bit-Amukkan,
    Bit-Dakkur, Bit-Silan, Bit-Sa’alla, which together
    form Chaldea in its totality, over the country of Bit-Iakin,
    which is on the sea-shore, as far as the frontier of
    Dilmun.  I have received their tributes, I have established
    my Lieutenants over them as Governors, and I have reduced
    them under my suzerainty.

6 This is what I did from the beginning of my reign to my
    fifteenth year of reign: 
    I defeated Khumbanigas, King of Elam, in the plains of

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