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37 with ikki and pine woods and coverings of copper 38 I overlaid them, 39 to keep off enemies from the front 40 of the wall of unconquered Babylon. 41,42 Great waters like the might of the sea 43 I brought near in abundance 44 and their passing by 45 was like the passing by of the great billows 46 of the Western ocean:  47,48 passages through them were none, 49,50 but heaps of earth I heaped up, 51 and embankments of brickwork 52 I caused to be constructed. 53,54 The fortresses I skilfully strengthened 55 and the city of Babylon 56 I fitted to be a treasure-city. 57 The handsome pile 58,59 the fort of Borsippa I made anew:  60,61 its fosse I dug out and in cement and brick 62 I reared up its mass 63 Nebuchadnezzar

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1 King of Babylon 2 whom Merodach, the Sun, the great Lord, 3 for the holy places of his city 4 Babylon hath called, am I:  5 and Bit-Saggatu and Bit-Zida 6 like the radiance of the Sun I restored:  7 the fanes of the great gods 8 I completely brightened. 9 At former dates from the days of old 10 to the days ...[1] 11 of Nabopolassar King of Babylon 12 the exalted father who begat me, 13 many a Prince who preceded me 14,15 whose names El had proclaimed for royalty 16 for the city, my city, the festivals of these gods 17 in the perfected places 18 a princely temple, a large temple did they make 19 and erected it as their dwelling-places. 20,21 Their spoils in the midst they accumulated, 22 they heaped up, and their treasures 23 for the festival Lilmuku 24 of the good Lord, Merodach god of gods 25 they transferred into the midst of Babylon; 26,27 when at length Merodach who made me for royalty 28 and the god Nero his mighty son, 29 committed his people to me 30 as precious lives. 31 Highly have I exalted their cities; 32 (but) above Babylon and Borsippa 33 I have not added a city 34 in the realm of Babylonia 35 as a city of my lofty foundation.

36 A great temple, a house of admiration for men, 37,38 a vast construction, a lofty pile, 39,40 a palace of My Royalty for the land of Babylon, 41 in the midst of the city of Babylon 42,43 from Imgur Bel to Libit-higal 44 the ford of the Sun-rise, 45 from the bank of the Euphrates 46 as far as Aibur-sabu 47 which Nabopolassar 48 King of Babylon the father who begat me 49,50 made in brick and raised up in its midst, 51 but whose foundation was damaged 52 by waters and floods 53,54 at Bit-Imli near Babylon, 55,56 and the gates of that palace were thrown down, 57,58 of this the structure with brickwork I repaired 59 with its foundation and boundary wall, 60 and a depth of waters I collected:  61,62 then opposite the waters I laid its foundation 63 and with cement and brick

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[Footnote 1:  Lacuna.]


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