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1 Its fosse he dug 2 and of two high embankments 3 in cement and brick 4 he finished the mass:  5,6 an embankment for pathways he made, 7,8 Buttresses of brick beyond the Euphrates 9,10 he constructed, but did not complete:  11,12 the rest from ...[1] 13 the best of their lands I accumulated:  14 a place for sacrifice, as ornament, 15,16 as far as Aibur-sabu[2] near Babylon 17 opposite the principal gate 18 with brick and durmina-turda stone 19 as a shrine of the great Lord, the god Merodach 20 I built as a house for processions. 21,22 I his eldest son, the chosen of his heart, 23,24 Imgur-Bel and Nimetti-Bel 25,26 the great walls of Babylon, completed:  27 buttresses for the embankment of its fosse, 28 and two long embankments 29 with cement and brick I built, and 30 with the embankment my father had made 31,32 I joined them; and to the city for protection 33,34 I brought near an embankment of enclosure 35 beyond the river, westward. 36 The wall of Babylon 37,38 I carried round Aibur-sabu 39 in the vicinity of Babylon:  40 for a shrine of the great Lord Merodach 41,42 the whole enclosure I filled (with buildings) 43 with brick made of kamina-turda stone 44 and brick of stone cut out of mountains. 45,46 Aibur-sabu from the High gate, 47,48 as far as Istar-Sakipat I made, 49,50 for a shrine for his divinity I made good, 51 and with what my father had made 52,53 I joined, and built it; 54,55,56 and the access to Istar-Sakipat I made, 57,58 which is Imgur-Bel and Nimetti-Bel, 59 the great gates, the whole temple of the gods, 60,61 in completeness near to Babylon 62 I brought down; 63,64 the materials of those great gates 65 I put together and

(Continued on Column VI.)

[Footnote 1:  Lacuna.]

[Footnote 2:  An ornamental piece of water near Babylon.]


1 their foundations opposite to the waters 2,3 in cement and brick I founded, 4 and of strong stone of zamat-hati, 5 bulls and images, 6 the building of its interior 7 skilfully I constructed:  8,9,10 tall cedars for their porticos I arranged, 11 ikki wood, cedar wood, 12 with coverings of copper, 13 on domes and arches:  14,15 work in bronze I overlaid substantially on its gates, 16,17 bulls of strong bronze and molten images 18 for their thresholds, strongly. 19 Those large gates 20 for the admiration of multitudes of men 21 with wreathed work I filled:  22 the abode of Imzu-Bel 23 the invincible castle of Babylon, 24 which no previous King had effected, 25 4,000 cubits complete, 26 the walls of Babylon 27 whose banner is invincible, 28 as a high fortress by the ford of the rising sun, 29 I carried round Babylon. 30 Its fosse I dug and its mass 31 with cement and brick 32,33 I reared up and a tall tower at its side 34 like a mountain I built. 35,36 The great gates whose walls I constructed

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