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7 A temple for sacrifices, the lofty citadel 8 of Bel and Merodach, god of gods, 9 a threshold of joy and supremacy 10 among angels and spirits, 11 with the stores of Babylon, 12 with cement and brick, 13 like a mountain I erected.

14 A great temple of Ninharissi[1] 15 in the centre of Babylon 16 to the great goddess the mother who created me, 17 in Babylon I made. 18 To Nebo of lofty intelligence 19 who hath bestowed (on me) the sceptre of justice, 20 to preside over all peoples, 21 a temple of rule over men, and a site for this his temple 22,23 in Babylon, of cement and brick 24 the fashion I fashioned.

25,26 To the Moon-god, the strengthener of my hands 27 a large house of alabaster as his temple 28 in Babylon I made. 29 To the sun, the judge supreme 30 who perfects good in my body, 31 a house for that guide of men, even his house’ 32,33 in Babylon, of cement and brick, 34 skilfully did I make.

35 To the god Yav, establisher of fertility 36 in my land, Bit-Numkan as his temple 37 in Babylon I built.

38 To the goddess Gula, the regulator 39 and benefactress of my life, 40 Bit-Samit, and Bit-haris the lofty, 41,42 as fanes in Babylon, in cement and brick 43 strongly did I build.

44 To the divine Lady of Bit Anna, 45 my gracious mistress, 46 Bit-Kiku in front of her house 47 so as to strengthen the wall of Babylon 48 I skilfully constructed.

49,50 To Ninip the breaker of the sword of my foes 51 a temple in Borsippa I made; 52 and to the Lady Gula[2] 53 the beautifier of my person[3] 54 Bit-Gula, Bit-Tila, Bit-Ziba-Tila, 55 her three temples 56 in Borsippa I erected:  57 to the god Yav who confers 58 the fertilizing rain upon my land, 59,60 his house (also) in Borsippa I strongly built:  61 to the Moon-god who upholds 62 the fulness of my prosperity 63 Bit-ti-Anna[4] as his temple, 64 on the mound near Bit-Ziba 65 I beautifully constructed:  66,67 Imgur-Bel and Nimetti-Belkit 68 the great walls of Babylon, 69 ...[5] I built, 70 which Nabopolassar 71 King, King of Babylon, the father who begat me, 72 had commenced but not completed their beauty

(Continued on Column V.)

[Footnote 1:  Wife of the sun.]

[Footnote 2:  In I Mich. iv. 5.  Gula is said to be the wife of the southern sun.]

[Footnote 3:  Or, “the favorer of my praises.”]

[Footnote 4:  The goddess Anna is identical with the Nana whose image was by her own command restored by Assurbanipal to the temple of Bit-Anna after an absence in Elam of 1,635 years.  See Smith’s “Assurb.,” pp. 234, 235.]

[Footnote 5:  Lacuna.]


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