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1 Nebuchadnezzar 2 King of Babylon, 3 glorious Prince, 4 worshipper of Marduk, 5 adorer of the lofty one, 6 glorifier of Nabu, 7 the exalted, the possessor of intelligence, 8 who the processions of their divinities 9 hath increased; 10 a worshipper of their Lordships, 11 firm, not to be destroyed; 12 who for the embellishment 13 of Bit-Saggatu and Bit-Zida[1] 14 appointed days hath set apart, and 15 the shrines of Babylon 16 and of Borsippa 17 hath steadily increased; 18 exalted Chief, Lord of peace, 19 embellisher of Bit-Saggatu and Bit-Zida, 20 the valiant son 21 of Nabopolassar 22 King of Babylon am I.

23 When he, the Lord god my maker made me, 24 the god Merodach, he deposited 25 my germ in my mother’s (womb):  26 then being conceived 27 I was made. 28 Under the inspection of Assur my judge 29 the processions of the god I enlarged, 30 (namely) of Merodach great Lord, the god my maker. 31 His skilful works 32 highly have I glorified; 33 and of Nebo his eldest son 34 exalter of My Royalty 35 the processions (in honor of)[2] his exalted deity 36 I firmly established. 37 With all my heart firmly 38 (in) worship of their deities I uprose 39 in reverence for Nebo their Lord.

40 Whereas Merodach, great Lord, 41 the head of My ancient Royalty, 42 hath empowered me over multitudes of men, 43 and (whereas) Nebo bestower of thrones in heaven and
44 for the sustentation of men, 45 a sceptre of righteousness 46 hath caused my hand to hold; 47 now I, that sacred way 48 for the resting-place of their divinities, 49 for a memorial of all their names, 50 as a worshipper of Nebo, Yav and Istar, 51 for Merodach my Lord I strengthened. 52 Its threshold I firmly laid, and 53 my devotion of heart he accepted, and 54 him did I proclaim 55 ...  Lord of all beings, and[3] 56 as Prince of the lofty house, and 57 thou, (O Nebuchadnezzar) hast proclaimed the name of
58 who has been beneficent unto thee. 59 His name, (O god,) thou wilt preserve, 60 the path of righteousness thou hast prescribed to him. 61 I, a Prince, and thy worshipper 62 am the work of thy hand; 63 thou hast created me, and[4] 64 the empire over multitudes of men 65 thou hast assigned me, 66 according to thy favor, O Lord, 67 which thou hast accorded 68 to them all.[5] 69 May thy lofty Lordship be exalted! 70 in the worship of thy divinity 71 may it subsist! in my heart 72 may it continue, and my life which to thee is devoted

(Continued on Column II.)

[Footnote 1:  Two of the principal temples of Babylon.  The former occurs below, Col. ii. 40, where it is followed by the epithet, “Temple of his power.”  Dr. Oppert always renders it “la Pyramide et la Tour.”]

[Footnote 2:  Literally, “the goings.”  Compare Ps. lxviii. 24:  “They have seen thy goings, O God,” i.e., processions.]

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