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164 I received.  From the midst of the cities of the country
     of the Madakhirians he departed.  To the midst of the
     cities of Udaci
165 of the country of the Mannians he approached.  Udaci of
     the country of the Mannians from before the sight of my
     mighty weapons
166 fled, and the city of Zirta, his royal city, he abandoned. 
     To save his life he ascended (the mountains).
167 After him I pursued.  His oxen, his sheep, his spoil, to
     a countless amount I brought back.  His cities
168 I threw down, dug up, (and) burned with fire.  From the
     country of the Mannians[3] he departed.  To the cities of
     Sulu’sunu of the country of Kharru
169 he approached.  The city of Mairsuru, his royal city, together
     with the cities which depended on it he captured. 
     (To) Sulu’sunu
170 together with his sons mercy I granted.  To his country
     I restored him.  A payment (and) tribute of horses I imposed.
171 My yoke upon him I placed.  To the city of Surdira he
     approached.  The tribute of Arta-irri
172 of the city of the Surdirians I received.  To the country
     of Par’sua[4] I went down.  The tribute of the Kings
173 of the country of Par’sua I received. (As for) the rest
     of the country of Par’sua which did not reverence Assur,
     its cities
174 I captured.  Their spoil, their plunder to Assyria I
     brought.  In my 31st year, the second time, the cyclical-feast
175 of Assur and Rimmon I had inaugurated.[5] At the time
     while I was stopping in the city of Calah, Dayan-Assur
176 the Tartan, the Commander of my wide-spreading army,
     at the head of my army (and) my camp I urged, I sent.
177 To the cities of Data of the country of Khupuscae he approached. 
     The tribute I received.
178 To the city of Zapparia, a stronghold of the country of
     Muzatsira, I went.  The city of Zapparia together with
179 forty-six cities of the city of the Muzatsirians I captured. 
     Up to the borders of the country of the Armenians
180 I went.  Fifty of their cities I threw down, dug up (and)
     burned with fire.  To the country of Guzani[6] I went down. 
     The tribute
181 of Upu of the country of the Guzanians, of the country
     of the Mannians, of the country of the Buririans, of the
     country of the Kharranians,[7]
182 of the country of the Sasganians, of the country of the
     Andians,[8] (and) of the country of the Kharkhanians,
     oxen, sheep, (and) horses
183 trained to the yoke I received.  To the cities of the country
     of ...  I went down.  The city of Perria
184 (and) the city of Sitivarya, its strongholds, together with
     22 cities which depended upon it, I threw down, dug up
185 (and) burned with fire.  Exceeding fear over them I cast. 
     To the cities of the
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